Sunday 1 February 2015

Damn, its February!


You've totally got to be kidding me, man. Its February 1st. Like seriously? Didn't I like write the most kickass last post of the year two hours ago? Heck, didn't I like play Uno all night last night? No? Okay. 

Its effin' Feb already and its my BURDDAAYY month! Woooop! :D Yea, for someone who will turn 22, I am as excited and giddy as a 7 year old. Huh, age is just a number, eh? So anyway, I am already dreading growing up 'cuz I DON'T WANT TO, damnit! I don't want to grow up at all. Why should I? Like I am not really feeling this school, college, work till I die thing ya. 

Beat this, my parents are psyching about it too. Not the school, college, work till I die thing. They already are in that cycle. They are going full mental over me turning 22. They want to search for boys. Like SERIOUSLY? This is how a conversation went on with my family the other day. *It was a family trip, UGH!*

Me: *bearing the torturous whining of this lady who is wailing like a walrus slowly being strangled. Oh, my parents call that their kinda music. Sometimes I really pity all the gods out there. Like, poor things know? First off, they are tortured with wishes and requests. Second, they have to listen to such horrible music. And then, everybody is like "Dude, show up already, I want to meet you bro :(". Gods have the most busy and thriving social life, even if its bad music and bland food. Moving on, *

Dad: So *InsertMortifyinglyEmbarassingFamilyNickNameHere*, you're gonna be like 22 in 20 days. 

Me: *holds back impulses to jump out of moving car because I know where this convo is heading towards*

Me: Umm, yea. I want a pendant, appa. That diamond thing we saw in Abharan that day. 

Mom: *shocked as fuck. When did she start liking gold and diamonds? Shit! My daugher is growing up*

Dad: Yea? I was thinking different kind of jewellery. *smile slyly*

Me: Oh, like a whole necklace? *all sweet smiles*

Dad: You know what I am talking about. When are you getting your nose peirced? 

Me: *horror music plays in background* I TOLD YOU I AIN'T PUNCTURING MY NOSE UNTIL ITS TIME OF MY MARRIAGE!!!!

Dad: Since you are 22 now, umm, you know, I was thinking its time we start searching for, you know, guys.

Me: No thanks, I am a lesbian.

Okay no, I didn't really say that since my dad was driving at 90 kmph and all. 

 Its pretty much the every day talk topic at my place.

I sometimes wish I had a boyfriend to atleast give a headache to my parents :D Oh well. 

So anyway, here is the thing. These twenties are not really nice, like really. Since its 8th semester now and I don't go to college everyday, I am bored most times. Everyone is busy - either preparing for GRE or CAT or applying for universities. I don't want any of that, really.  The rat race of B.Tech followed by MS or or MBA makes me want to throw up in my mouth. What if I want to be a kindergarten teacher? I so love kids. But well, I don't even know what I want to do next! For the first time, I wish somebody else could take the decisions for me -_- Having a job offer helps, though. 

So yea, that's like the story of my life now. I did something extremely gutsy recently ;) I have adopted the "What's the worst thing that's gonna happen?" philosophy lately, and must say, its going well as of now.  

The only exciting thing I can see in the near future other than my birthday is, Game of Thrones, season 5. See? Yea, I need to go get a life. 

What's up?   

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PS:  I don't intend to offend the rat race of B.Tech followed by MS or or MBA. Like really.
PPS: I realised I am using like, really, a lot. Like really.
PPPS: Also ya, man, bro, shit and all. 
PPPPS: Mental case is a funny thing to call someone :D


  1. Bwahahahaha.... Loved the way you laid out the story

  2. Wow! I don't believe your parents have already begun groom hunting! I am 26 and still trying to escape marriage discussions with parents. :p I am just not ready and don't think I will be for another 5 years :P

  3. hahaha!! nice to see your humor filled posts after a long time Nam!!
    How you been ?? final sem enjoying is it?
    I some how love the nose pins!! :P


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