Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Big Bang Sale at LimeRoad.com

"If only I had those teal pumps, I would be wearing the perfect outfit today!" "I just can't seem to find the right neckpiece for this, should have thought twice before buying this tricky neckline *sigh*" .Are you too a slave to such sentences coming out of your mouth often? Welcome to my life -_- Sometimes I wish I could throw away all my almost-done outfits and buy all co-ordinated looks, at least every dress perfect with the right pair of shoes. Why, you ask? What's gonna make life that much easier that out of nowhere, I will find the right shoes, the right accessories, starting from clutches to handbags? Say hello to LIMEROAD.COM!

By now, we all know the website *If you don't, which rock do you live under? :o * I don't have to tell you about this amazing website - a fabulous collection of dresses, tops, leggings, sarees, sunglasses, satchels. You name it, they have it. You must also be knowing about thier scrapbook feature. Its a tool where you can put your perfect outfit complete with accessories yadayadayada, visualize how it looks and then, BUY it! Yes, they provide you a huge array of templates to choose from, and also let you customize the scraps. 

The exciting news is that HERE is a super fun campaign. You can create your scrap, buy one item and get the other free! Yes. For example, when you put together a look with a dress, a pair of sunglasses, heels and a neck piece, you'll only be paying for the top two highest amount products. The other two, you'll be receiving for free! Isn't that so awesome? I have made three scraps for you guys, draw some inspiration or go do the complete opposite :D Click on the link below the images to reach the page. 

I would wear this for a Sunday brunch. Its such a breezy attire - the tan satchel and flats complement the aqua dress. The sunglasses are a must when summer in Bangalore is unforgiving at times -_- 

 This here, is my most favorite color. There is something about peachy/orange shade of red that makes my skin tone glow. I tend to look brighter, in fact healthier in it :D Color blocking and Aquarians is a never ending love affair. A little color riot never hurt anyone, did it? So I brought it on with lime green and blue. Hello, neon there :)
But at the end of day, the little black dress wins. It should be named the synonym of class. Silver and black complement the best and that's why I chose the earrings and the clutch. This look is super simple yet powerful. 

I would wear all three in a heart beat. 

Get going NOW, click here and make the most of it. You can also share your scraps with your friends :) Share your fashion sense and make it all more stylish, okay? 

Let me know how you liked it :)

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PS: Not dead. Was a little studious for a while, since I kind of got thrown out of class three days in a row. 

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