Monday 1 December 2014

So, December.

Umm. So its December 1st. Next thing I know I am 80 and dying alone. No, no cats. I am a dog person. Cats are nice, but puppies are bliss. Plus puppies don't give me allergies, neither do they scratch. Cats are bossy bro :O 

Wait. So we were talking about how it is already December. Don't even get me started on how 2014 is ending in 30 days and yadayadayada. If you are an Instagram addict like me, you are used to reminders like "OMG ITS ALREADY JULY!" "Hello September" "Its November of 2014, just sayin' ". Umm.

Here is what I am lusting after this month. Ten days from now, I'll be in my new place :D Its so much bigger, so much more beautiful weeeeeeeeee :D The bestest part? My room is 5x bigger, and the house has like a million spots for selfies product photography :) I've been so excited for over an year now :D Now that the days to move are countable on fingers, I am fidgety and restless. 

BTW, today I had to pack my books lest I want to repeat 7th semester. Having a family that loves books is maddening. There are days when I find my third grade notebooks in random cupboards -_- Chubby handwriting with a font size of 72 doesn't really make me nostalgic :D Okay so I put all the books I need into tiny little boxes and those I don't need into big shabby ones. That's when I realized I have an OCD of label making. 

Random banter over. Here, somebody buy me these okay? 

1. Game of Thrones merchandise

I am not really a collector. But GOT has gotten me obsessed. Obsessed is an understatement really :( There's so much GOT merchandise around but every time, every damned thing is either out of stock, or not available to be shipped -_- Do I live on Mars or something? Ugh. Imma gonna be featuring this one until I actually acquire them. 

2. This Crochet Lace Pullover

We all know what a sucker I am for lace *sigh* ^_^ I found this Forever21 cutie on Pinterest and have been obsessed ever since. So pretty or so pretty, huh?

3. This pair of shades

Lets be honest, okay? I am not the only one dying over this pair. I have collected them - I have pink and I have brown, I have one with nice pink frames ^_^ Next up, these and one in green. Okay?

4. This vintage mirror

Now that I can redo my room (or do my room?!) all over again, I am planning on some vintage mirrors. I have always wanted one of them floral print mirrors on my walls ^_^ If not floral printed, a dainty yet strong framed one may be? 

5. Wall hangings - quotes may be 

Something like this! * Though I really wonder how much of this dad is gonna approve :D He won't really be excited about boring holes in newly built walls XD* 

What are you craving for this December? And guesss whattt? This semester I'll be getting over with the last of the labs *fist pumps into air!* *wuhoo!* 

So yea, let me know. 

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PS: Images are taken from Pinterest, I claim no ownership :) 

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