Tuesday 1 July 2014

Tips and Toes Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish Sparkling Ocean Review

Once upon a time, there was a girl that was super obsessed with the Twilight series. I mean, she was beyond obsessed, almost required clinical therapy to get over the Cullens. *yikes* Come today, it is one secret she has been brave enough to let out in public. *So much dare, oh!

Is it time yet where we fast forward the extremely sappy love story and also the extremely WhatTheHellWhat glittering vampires part?

With that series, my love for crazy plot lines and MakesMeLaughOutLoudCuzItsThatRidiculous stuff went away, but the love for glittery stuff has stayed. 

And today, I am reviewing this super, super beautiful nail paint from Tips and Toes.

If there was Christmas in one bottle, it would be called Sparkling Ocean, I swear. 

This nail paint is a gel polish, and looks damp and dull in the bottle. It doesn't look all that glittery and lovely, this humble little missy. The brush is nice enough to pick up enough color and not too much color that drips and makes a huge mess. Ugh. The bottle shuts tight properly and there is no leakage, you can carry it around. 

Coming to the texture, its gritty alright. The nail paint has a thick consistency and yet spreads easily. It took me just 2 coats to achieve this much glitter and shine. Its like little pieces of mirror in there and nope, no hurt. *Okay that was lame* 

The nail paint dries off in around twenty minutes. The pictures here are taken after three days of application. There was absolutely no chipping. Now after 6 days, the tips are showing little wearing. I didn't apply any top coat either.

For somebody who loves bling on the nails all the time, this nail paint is such a god send. There is no fall out of glitter, its just too much prettiness to handle! I am so loving it ^_^ 

Its costs Rs.225/-, which is a little on the pricey side but the quality, I won't be complaining. 

Other than that, I haven't had any issues with this baby.

I have another color lined up for a review, but I don't have the heart yet to remove this :P 

had applied them on my toes before, and the girl who did my pedicure pretty much removed the nail paint with two swipes, and cleaned away with the third swipe. So removal isn't an issue. 

You girls liked it? It was a total love on my Instagram feed here

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PS: The polish was sent by the brand, my opinions are honest. 

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