Monday 14 July 2014

Slippery Monsoon

Monsoon. Night. Rains. Drench. Wet. Slippery. She leaves. "I'll miss you". "I'll miss you too, honey" .Car. Traffic. Tears. Missing. Him. Slippery. Dials. "She left, come already". Her. Them. Rain. Drench. Them. Wet. Morning. Her message. "I reached, good morning.". Her. Asks. "You reached?". Winks. Him. Shuts off phone. Him. "Oh yea". Winks. Rains. Slippery. Monsoon. 

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  1. Wow ! This style is something ! I can 'feel' these words.

    1. Thank you Divya, that's really sweet of you :)


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