Wednesday 25 June 2014

Still Mad At Me?

Dear girl,

Hi. 7 hours and 23 minutes have passed by, and you are still mad at me. I know you are, don't tell me "No no, I am just tired". 25 years of existence has thought me that when a girl says "No no, I am just tired", she is definitely never just tired. I am not walking into that trap. I know I know, you always let me know when you are mad at me, passive aggression is something we both promised each other not to ever showcase.*See? I listen to you* But then, I know, I messed up. Sorry, okay? 

Actually you know what? This is what happened. I swear by the blueberry muffin of an apology, I really was stuck at work. Which stupid fellow can cancel a date with you with no extreme reason, beautiful? You tell me. Yea yea, I am stupid. But your stupid, nah? 

You see grown up life is totally not all the fun it looks like. Responsibilities and dead lines and whatever other stuff I deal with. I don't want to bog you down with all that, okay? You are like a breath of fresh mint in my life. You are like the protein bar after gym, okay? See you get the point, I can't write like you do. Heck, I can't even string words into sense when around you. *You see the previous line? I am trying. Really trying.*

So please, just talk to me girl? Every minute spent away from you is a minute I so regret. I am writing this sitting in the lone table at our favorite corner. The fairy lights look dimmer, girl. Who will add the shine to these artificial city lights if not you with the twinkle in your eye? The cashier is giving me weird looks, almost accusative. See? Even she knows I am the ass and you are the darling. This coffee is missing you too, love. 

I am dropping this letter off through your brother, I had to bribe him. You are a pricey family. Okay I take that back. Since striking it makes the letter ugly, I'll let that stay. Please focus more on the content above this paragraph. Please focus more on the underlined statement.

This is all I can churn out right now. Writing isn't my thing at all, okay? You know that. Force me more and stay madder, you'll regret it. I am telling you. 

Extremely sorry, a little hungover, holding ears right after signing this,
Your boy 

PS: Since you posted something like "Sorry says he is sorry, Chanel says he understands" in your feed, please handle the little blue box in that effin' girly golden bag with care. 

PPS: I still think its effin' adorable the way you pout when you are mad at me. The things I want to do to those lips. 

*holding ears*  

PPPS: Still mad at me?

*holds ears again*

PPPPS: Find attached a picture of the coffee that is so missing you. 

*really holding ears again*

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PS: Fiction. No boy, no letter.
PPS: How do you like it? :) 
PPPS: Guys, are you ever this cute or I gave you too much credit? -_- 


  1. We'll my hubby will never write such a letter, or may be I should mail him your blogs link and ask him to learn a thing or two from your posts :p .

    1. Aww! Just don't link the blog :P Copy paste the content, I don't want men mad at me 'cuz I set the bars high! *facepalm!* :D And thank you Opal :)

  2. Nah. I think you gave guys too much credit :P

    1. :D You think so? Okay, from next time no too much sweetness! :P Thank you, Aditi :)


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