Monday 12 May 2014

Summer Vummer

I kid you not when I tell you study holidays are an evil plot. I think study holidays should be banned from the face of earth. I mean who STUDIES in these holidays? Its pure torture. I wake up when friends call me in their lunch breaks because they think I died or something,  "Your last seen was 2 54  AM, lady." Let me tell you, all these calling varieties are the ones working, of course. Because the ones I share my lunch every day have to be woken up by me -_-  Anyway, now you know why I wake up late. And then I workout extra and take long showers and have lunch when office species are snacking up. Before I know, its 7 PM and I am out devouring chats with whichever office varieties reaches home sooner. Come 11 PM and hello, instant chat messenger apps :) Where does the rest of the time go? *Gulp* Pinterest WeHeartIt Instagram *gulp*. If I ever get to make rules, I'll make attendance compulsory for all students before exam. Unlimited coffee with free refills, whole canteen run by student council. And then let's see why India won't prosper. Because whom am I kidding? I can miraculously stuff my brain with 3 GB worth of data in half an hour when am with friends in college, than with 24 hours at my disposal when I am home.

So anyway, since I wanted to put Pinterest sessions for good use, here is this month's wishlist. May is nice, I like the sound of May.

Here, see some of my crushes ;) 

1. This saree. And this. I don't even understand why I am obsessed SO much with these. I wear sarees, like once an year, max. But I want to own all the sarees in the world, all the pretty ones. 

2. This pair of shoes. I haven't bought a pair in like, THREE months. Repeat after me - I deserve new shoes.

3. This little black dress. I am almost happy with how I look these days, another month should drill me enough. What better way to celebrate with than an LBD, know? I am going to hunt down and find something similar, just don't ask me how. If anyone of you know any online shop I can buy this kind cuteness from, let me know :)
So many knows.

4.   This nail color and the art. I want to cut my nails short this summer.

5. New gym wear. Need them, no want. #Proud

PS: All images are from Pinterest, I claim no ownership.

PPS: Its already May. 2014 is flying or what?

PPPS: What do you want this May? 


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  1. haha.. i enjoyed reading this. I love the nail art <3 yup 2014 is flying :( i havent even got used to writing 2014 in the dates. :P


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