Monday 28 April 2014

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel Review

*trumpets and bugles* *lalalalalalalalalaaaaaa* 

And if I could do back flips, I would be doing them now, I swear. The evilest semester finally ended today, and no, as much as I loved every bit of it, I am glad its over. Over 15 days, I have gotten like hardly any time to breathe, damnit -_- 

But also, its been such a crazy almost-month, ya know. May be because all efforts are paying, like finally paying. Efforts ranging from weeks to months. Phew. 

Someday while I was virtual window shopping, I came across this. Now you see, I have perpetual dark circles, or, used to -_- My eyes are a little deep set, so mild tiredness is easily obvious on my face. I hadn't really paid too much attention to dark circles after this epic fail of an eye cream.  Plus I was using this too, and the tub had gone empty. I was too busy to buy a new one. 

We learn to live with our demons know, like that. 

But then sometimes Universe prompts you to do things, or you would rather buy a tube of gel promising better under-eye area than cough up money for shipping. 

So, through crazy night cycles of 2-hours-of-sleep-is-luxury for over 15 nights, its only this little thing here that helped me look human. 

If I don't review it even now, I don't deserve it. 

So let's get started already. 

That's all it claims, my humble little baby. Its costs Rs.135/- for 20g. I have been using this regularly from December and still, half a tube is left. That shows --> a little goes a looong way.

The gel is super light weight and doesn't burn even if it gets into the eye. #Win 

Oh the gel is transparent, I just.couldn't.photograph it. 

I apply it every night before bed and it is also a part of of morning skin care regime. It definitely reduces dark circles over time. In fact, my dark circles are almost non-existent if I hit 7 hours of sleep. Even with 5-6 hours of madness, I don't look like I cried all night. It keeps the skin supple and nice, it sort of brightens up the whole face :) #Happiness

If you are looking for an under eye gel that works, please just go get this already. Its worth every penny, pinky promise.

So that's about it. I am getting a hair cut and my hair colored this week, I am finally giving up on growing long hair anytime soon. Insane workouts ---> frequent hair washing ---> split ends and dryness that nothing can cure ---> damaged hair ---> snipsnipsnip.

End of story.


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  1. hey nicely reviewEd! do post about the new hair cut and colour experience. even am fed up of my locks, want to do something fun and new. hope you are having fun, Nams. :)))))))

    1. CC! Yes, will do ASAP :D I am having loads of it, thank you :*

  2. Girl try a moisturizing masque after regular oiling-shampooing-conditioner routine. Our hair textures are almost similar and I think an extra step will definitely improve your hair texture. FYI, I use L'oreal mythical oil masque.

    1. You are such a life savior, Opal! Even the stylist said the same, deep conditioning is what I need. Thanks a lot, I'll try this :)


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