Wednesday 2 April 2014

April Wishlist - So Shoed!

April has always been most hated month, I don't know why. May be because exams are always on full swing, its way too freakin' hot AND while I was in school, it meant no hanging out with friends. Plus, the sword of results that comes around April 10th looming on the head. But fast forward five years after boards, I am so happy April is here, really. The build up to April has been just so fantastic, I am hoping for a nice month ahead :) Oh the joys of tackling deadlines head on 3:) I swear to Lord, I am becoming a workaholic. I am little glad though, procrastination is such a beaaattchh! 

That is why, here I am, with a wish list. Right on time. *pats own back*. This is a summer wish list, a wish list of the various versions of the love of my life.


If I could marry them, I would be a great,great grandmother by now :') I don't know why, nothing, no-freakin'-thing makes me as happy as a pair of new shoes does. I can go hours and hours drooling on the pair, obsessing over how good it makes my feet look and take minimum of 387 Instagram pictures. 

Since window shopping and loafing on roads isn't a part of life anymore, you know, since I am in pre-finals and semester is ending and I have half a dozen projects with absolutely not a line of code written and my attendance percentages can put single digits to shame and I am 21 year old and life is hard and recession might hit anytime and I should be serious about life and aliens might strike anytime and yada yada yada,  I resort to harmless virtual window shopping. 

To fit my fantasies, here is a wish list compiled entirely from This place is such a addiction - I am starting from shoes. 

Go ahead, drool.

All of them are so perfect for summer, oh-so-perfect ^_^ 

Whoever told yellow and shoes don't go together, should just go jump. 

Glitter done, so right.

Why so cute, I mean its criminal!

It can't get any more perfect. Nope. 

Hello, you. 

How very classy. And sassy.  *flutter around in imaginary lace dress*

I didn't believe in love at first sight before, now I do.
Color-blocking with neon, yes please.

Umm. *sigh* *sigh again*

Couldn't hold myself from crushing on this super adorable, super classy, super everything dress. *Sigh*

If you arent jelly already, swooning at these darlings, let me know what you are lusting after.

I have my internals starting tomorrow and if I don't start cramming now, I might as well hope for the aliens to strike ASAP. That's the only way to spare myself from the aftermath of bad grades.

How you doin'?

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  1. That is such a darling dress! I Good luck for your exams. Also, you killed that single-sentence paragraph ;) I felt out of breath just reading it!

    1. It so is, V :) Hehe thank you :D My exams, well yea -_-


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