Monday 23 December 2013

Introducing India Circus!

Thanks to years of extensive research and careful observation, I have with me a very dependable collection of data about how XX chromosomes function under different conditions. Some pointers are, like say,

1. If you are an XY chromosome, and you interact unnecessarily*  with any other XX chromosome# other than the XX that you have labelled as 'girlfriend', the said labelled XX is going to be very miffed with you. Possible reactions include - one word answers, no emoticons in messages, short, up-to the mark replies, "Nothing's wrong, I am fine okay?", being a possible reaction to your "Honey you okay?".
*unnecessary interaction -
1.Liking/commenting on ALL of the chromosome's pictures/status updates on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
2. Instagramming pictures of how amazing a time you are having with the said XX
3. Breathing around the said XX
# - with exception to blood relatives, cousins and the XX chromosomes deemed safe and a non-threat by the girlfriend chromosome.

2. The answer to "Do I look fat in this?" is always a "NOOOO" with a very shocked, how-can-you-even-think-so-I-mean-OMG-what-the-!!! face. ALWAYS.

2. XX chromosomes trust the bestie XX chromosome's opinion about EVERYTHING. From clothes to boyfriends, from shoes to mother-in-laws. If you are anybody else, your argument is invalid. Period.

3. XX chromosomes have a tendency to squeal with joy when they come across following entities:

1. Cute babies.
2. Pups.
4.Sappy pre-wedding shoots.
5. Sappier proposals.
6. Cute old couple.
7. Cute old people.
8. Tiny, creepy insects that don't scare them.
9. Desi prints.

Okay well, the last point might be true only in my case, the desi prints one. I have a thing for them, really. Anything with a print that screams Indian - camels, rickshaws,bicycles, women with bindis, local trains, Hindi fonts excetra, makes me oh-so-happy!

So when India Circus sent across this package, I was just so happy, haha! I ripped open the package and have been obsessed ever since. I clicked like 435 pictures and had such a hard time selecting what to put on the blog -_-

The brand itself is based on a very interesting concept. Its a contemporary design label offering affordable, Indo-centric, and sophisticated designs by renowned designer Krsna Mehta, Design Director of India Circus. The collections offer various life-style products, ranging from home decor to personal accessories. India Circus designs seek to introduce modern sensibilities to Indian aesthetic traditions. With an All-Indian palette, India Circus draws inspiration from the flora & fauna as well as the rich heritage of India. The brand is a curation of diverse and distinct moods and tones that Mr.Mehta identifies as his vision of contemporary India. The vibrancy of colors and modern sensibility, combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs, makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional & makes it a truly flamboyant act.

Let me quickly tell you about the product now.

Its called the Jalebi Rickshaw iPad/tablet sleeve and you can find it here. Its made from neoprene and easily fits iPads and tablets of that size. Mine is an iPad 4 and it fits perfectly. Its nicely padded and has a good foam base on the inside. So even if you drop your precious tablet, its gonna be safe and sound.

Its one thing to have a protective cover for a tablet, another to have one that makes itself a fantastic style statement. Trust me when I say its a nice feeling when half dozen women coo at you and make mushy faces, and you realize its the rickshaw print getting it all ;)

It also makes a fabulous gift option. I mean who won't like this quirky print? Quirk is always in, always ;)

Now go ahead and see some pictures. I had just so much fun clicking them. If this sleeve were a guy, well never mind ;)

And how-very-sweetly, they added a personalized note! #BrowniePoints

By now you know it, I am definitely loving the product! :) Go ahead and check out the various items and I promise you won't be dissapointed. 

Let me know how you like it :) 

To remain updated, here you go! 

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  1. Awesome sleeve. Can you do a review of Ipad 4 when time permits?

    1. Hey CC! Sure, will do. I am not really good at tech reviews, will give a try :D


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