Friday 20 December 2013

Fitness Friday - Keep Calm and Kick Ass

No matter how amazing winters are, I can't deny that they make me less productive >:( Add in study holidays and you have a OMG-I-lost-so-much-sleep-over-a-month-so-let-me-go-to-bed-at-1AM-and-wake-up-at-11AM me :x And so, the breakfast time goes for a toss, lunch is at 4 and boy! I skip workouts. And then hate myself for it all day >:(

And still, find solace in the fact that my bestie does the same! *hides face*

Here is some fitness motivation - to remind ourselves that even though 'December is the month to get fat', we don't have to :D

PS: All images are from Pinterest. I don't claim any ownership.

While I go take a quick nap and make myself ready for the bitter sweet symphony that's called life Computer Networks 1, you go kick some ass ;)

PS: Let me know how you like the new header and the adorable widgets. *You tell me they are adorable ;)*

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