Thursday 1 August 2013

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred Review

I am typing this post with a bottle in the other hand working on my biceps. LOL no. I was sure that would make a very motivating line but then I realized its a total flop. And ultra lame. Like 'Bhajaate Raho!' I mean the only minutes I thoroughly enjoyed in the movie were when 'Tu Mera Hero' was remixed into 'Tu Meri Maata' :D LOL! Super hilarious! I mean the story line is over used - beta-saves-daddy's-izzat. Here it is dead daddy. The heroine (I am still not bothered to Google her name) and Tusshar Kapoor are not very impressive. Even with an extra 's', TuSShar Kapoor didn't cut it -_-

To get rid of the weird-not-so-funny taste from my mouth, me and my doctor friend went to Just Bake. And when I let myself indulge in the chocolate, I didn't feel guilty. Not a pint 8) Right then I knew, the time has finally come. The time to review Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. The time to pay my tributes, the time to get more fit. *Re-read it in the humble voice of typical Bollywood mommies. Like, "Beta, tere paapa ki maut ka badla lena teri zimmedaari hai :( ", or as in "Aaayenge, mere Karan Arjun aaaayenge"*

Okay so yours truly has always been a total devotee of the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred. I have lost over 8 kgs using the same exercise routine. Let me tell ya, fitness-freak-me is not the regular me. She makes an appearance once in a while. And when she visits, she grants me enough motivation and then leaves to make an appearance when I see my collar bone escaping inside :P What I am trying to tell is, I have never been a regular workout girl. But even with my on and off sparks of motivation, this regime has helped me lose major kgs and inches. From past 10 days, I am doing level 2 followed by level 1 every day ;) That is like 40 minutes of workout leaving out the warm up and cool down.

The regime has three levels - each level lasts for around 25 to 28 minutes including the warm up and cool down. The levels are progressively tougher. Jillian is the main trainer and there are two of her best girls in the background - Anita, who does the easier, lower impact versions of the circuits, and there is Natalie - the badass girl who gives in 200% to each circuit. Each circuit has strength, cardio and abs exercises. There are absolutely no breaks except when you feel like you'll die the next second, you can take a five second breather. Each level should be done for 10 days. but you can alter as per your needs.

Level 1 - this is the easiest level and trust me when I say that. It has push ups, jumping jacks, basic crunches and more. The first time I did it, I didn't use weights for the first week. Only after I got a little comfortable, I started using the weights. You'll experience terrible sore muscles, but its all gonna be worth it :)

Level 2 - this is definitely tougher than level 1. Now after all the three levels, I can do level 1 with absolute ease but this level still manages to make me pant like a dog. It involves exercises which are fun but there is definitely more sweating like a pig. Oh and the focus here is on thighs, I think. I had bid goodbye to my thighs for a couple of days when I first did this level.

Level 3 - let's just say this is where I die and am reborn at the the cool down. It is really really difficult for somebody who has never been much into fitness/ formal training/has average stamina levels. I still can't do this level with ease. I end up taking at least 4 to 5 8-second breakers. At this point, it's really justifiable if you want to throw a table at Jillian :)

She is such an inspiration! :)

All the FAQs, right here :

1. Where do I find the workout regime?
You can download it for free, Google it. You can also buy the workout DVD. Youtube has all the levels too.

2. What do I need for the regime?
A mat, good shoes to absorb the shock and weights. If you don't have/don't want to/don't know how to buy weights, use water bottles. I initially started with 1 L water bottles :D

3. When do I do it?
Anytime. Really. All it takes is roughly half an hour and you should definitely give your fitness that much time. The amount of motivation Jillian provides is enough to workout with 100% dedication. "Don't pull this in, you are only cheating yourself". Okay :o

4. When will I see the results?
This is a question that has varied answers. I am the type of person who gains and loses weight super easily. Like, I gain a couple of kgs over a week if I spend the week gorging on high calories and having no fitness ritual. I also lose weight easily - it took me a week to 'feel' fit. There will be an obvious improvement in stamina and endurance. Measuring yourself - weight as well as inches and monitoring every week will help you see the progress. You'll feel the weight going off, I always 'feel' it :o #Weirdo

5. How about the diet?
Okay, now let me be honest. I cannot diet. I cannot hold myself from eating - I can't decipher the thin line between hunger and boredom -_- But I make sure that I eat little portions. And I take more time to eat. Your brain needs 20 minutes to analyze if you are full or not. (Yes, everybody tells you that :P). I drink almost four cups of green tea with honey all through the day - one cup right after I wake up and brush, one around 11 AM, another around 5 30 PM and the last cup before I hit the sack. Other than that, I consciously cut down on caffeine and unwanted calories. Like say, reducing my coffee intake and sharing my chocolates, cupcakes and donuts. Being a South Indian, rice is staple. So I try and eat little portions of it. Forcing yourself out of the craving will just make it worse and you'll end up consuming more than you planned to. Don't punish yourself. Indulge in moderation. *yea, that is an oxymoron* When you know you are about to indulge, like really indulge and you are doing it often, remember all the ab crunches and panting like a dog that Jillian makes you do. Jeez! I sometimes see her standing in front me - folding her arms across and tapping a finger on her elbow. And mean fish face with scrunched eyes -_- *Pro tip: Try that pose. You'll feel like a Mean Girl*

6. I am a sweaty mess after workout. How do I take care of my hair and skin?
I suggest a shower. Yes. Its a total pain but honestly worth it. But frequent washing will definitely take its toll on hair. Stinky hair is more of a pain. This is what I do - oil my hair with a light oil (I use  Garnier Fructis Strengthening Hair Oil) at least 10 minutes before the workout. So when I take a shower after fifteen minutes of completing the workout, almost an hour of oiling will take good care of the tresses. A good conditioner and a mild shampoo is essential too. This also means more of blow drying (which I personally don't unless it's really really important), so please use a good heat protectant. Use a scrub to get rid of the dead skin - body and face.

Fit and fabulous you :D Hello gorgeous! :)

Now that my vacations are still on, I am able to crunch in an hour+ for workouts. But on regular college days, I won't really have any more than one hour for workout + shower since I workout in the evenings. I did the 6 Week 6 Pack for a couple of days and never really continued. So once I hit my target weight or finally master the 30 Day Shred, I might start with a new one. Until then, its the 30 Day Shred baby ;)

Now while I go and pull my hair back for a kickass workout, you guys get motivated from her quotes that I borrowed from Pinterest :)

Oh and here is the latest picture of me. This was a month ago, I am more toned now ;)

Happy Fitness Time guys! 

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  1. Girl, you look so HOT, keep at it!! this is motivating me too but i still have an ankle sprain that is stopping me from doing most things. but seriously, this is wonderful :) Congrats on all the hard work

    1. ;) thank you CC! :) :D Oh please don't do it if you have a sprain, this regime puts a lot of stress on ankles and feet as such -_- You might want to try Yoga :)

    2. thanks for the warning, Nami. I am pretty much not able to do most things. THanks for that special warning. ankle and feet have gone for a toss. I will wait the sprain out. you go girl! keep rocking.

    3. Pleasure CC! Yea don't do it unless you are sure that you can, it definitely exerts pressure on knees and feet! Hey wait I'll inbox you on FB, there is this other trainer I used to follow before :)

  2. I am one of those workaholics who hit the gym once in a blue moon. Jillian and your post on the other hand, has left me motivated to try again. Keep inspiring people. ;)


  3. oh finally you posted about it...
    i was waiting from the day you told you will post... :P
    well even i am not a regular follower of this.. :( but now i have some tragets to achieve so i have to train my self and get into a good shape
    will be taking up this 30day shred soon...

    1. I am sorry I took so much time :P I didn't want to give a review without being 100% sure :D Do it do it, all the best! 8)

  4. I have even tried her shed & shred workout plus the one u mentioned here..She is one bad kickass trainer & love her workout DVDS.I always wake up in e morning to exercise & by the time I finish her workout I ll be sweating like none's business..(keeps me awake plus focused on job)..I wish I can get her as my trainer..Need to lose like 20kg(all becz of pregnancy & it has been 3yrs since I gave birth)..


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