Thursday 25 July 2013

Pond's White beauty BB+ All-in-One Fairness Cream Review

You know those moments after a heavy rain? A fabulous breeze coupled with drops of rain now and then? Those amazing moments are called evenings for us Bangaloreans 8) Boy, I am so loving the weather these days. I only do two things in the evenings - Either cuddle up with a fabulous book with a steaming cup of coffee (currently reading Sophie Kensella's Twenties Girl) or go on long aimless rides with my sister or brother aka my entertainment packages. I mean c'mon, being 13 and 11, they have some pretty hilarious stories :D 

When I go on long rides, that is when the Pond's BB+ Fairness Cream comes into picture ;) 

I have been using it from more than two months, and it totally deserves a review now! 

Pond's White beauty BB+ All-in-One Fairness Cream with SPF 30 PA+++ with GenWhite Cover Formula!

First off, I don't understand Pond's fixation with White Beauty -_- I haven't tried any of their spot treatments for the same reason! *I am so wanting to try one of those green dabbas, but not sure of the whitening claim!*

Cost: Rs.69/- for 9g


Now get:
  Instant natural coverage
  Non-pores clogging
  Light, non-oily texture
  Lightens from within epidermis level
  Reduces dark spots
  Evens skin tone
  SPF 30 PA++ protects from UVA, UVB and visible light

The science behind Pond’s white beauty ™ BB+ fairness cream
With the Pond’s Institute’s dual-acting sophisticated skin lightening GenWhite™ Cover Formula and SPF 30 PA++ advanced sunscreen protection, Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream not only improves skin texture and effectively lightens skin from within but also provides Natural looking instant glow for Indian skin.
Clinically proven to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots, GenWhite™ Formula is enriched with a powerful mix of Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Allantoin and advanced superior sunscreen protection.
·         Vitamin B3 - Pond’s signature ingredient, helps to reduce and control melanin accumulation on the skin
·         Vitamin E – A potent fat soluble anti-oxidant to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals which can trigger melanin production which leads to darker skin
·         Allantoin – Recognized as an anti-inflammatory by US FDA found 
in the comfrey plant and helps to reduce processes that can lead to increased pigmentation
·         Advanced Superior Sunscreen Protection SPF 30 PA++ SPF 30 PA++ - Helps to protect against skin tanning and photo ageing

A great complement to the Pond’s face care regime:
Pond’s white beauty™ BB+ fairness cream also completes the daily Pond’s face care regime with its instant natural coverage and advanced sunscreen protection, in addition to superior skin lightening and brightening benefits. 


So the BB+ cream comes in a white tube with a silver cap and a nozzle on the inside. You have to press the tube to get the product out. #Hygienic

It's one-shade-suits-all that apparently gets oxidized to suit your skin color. 

The cream is instant-coffee-brown in color. *What?! Don't laugh okay? That's the nearest comparison I could make!*  I always make a point to use a moisturizer beneath, so it blends easily. I use like three dots to cover my whole face. After like five minutes, it does blend in and looks like it got into the skin :P The scars that I have from old pimples get concealed to some extent. My dark circles get concealed based on their intensity. If I have had a good sleep and good rest the night before, the lesser intense ones get concealed. Else I'll need a separate concealer.

Here is a picture of me wearing it:

The cream didn't break me out. HURRAY! It turns oily after three hours and I blot it away and retouch with compact. It does give a natural finish. Photography with it in flash is a pain though, due to the SPF, it gives a pale white color under the flash that of course looks lame. But as I don't really use this while clicking photographs using flash, personally it's not a problem.

Other than that it's pretty much a good cream for every day use!

Let me quickly sum up the pros and cons!


A little goes a long way - really economical! I have been using the tiny tube from so long and it still has like 40% left I think :D
Didn't break me out
Blends well 
Keeps skin from getting oily up to three perfect hours
Hygenic packaging
Contains SPF 30 
Evens out skin tone
Conceals decent enough for a tinted moisturizer


SPF makes it look pale under flash
The dark spot reduction claim, I am not so sure. I think my dark spots are getting reduced due to clindamycin.
Whitening claim is so irritating! 
Dry skinned girls will definitely need a moisturizer on which this can be layered. 

What do you think? :)

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  1. I guess Maybelline BB cream has slightly more orange tone, suited for medium tanned girl like me. I have always hated Ponds and their ads for their fairness fixation. Dusky can be beautiful too....

    1. Both suit me well Opal :) IKR?! The whiteness claim is the only thing that puts me off -.-

  2. Nice review. i didnt know ponds had sucha product, I definitely have to try it!


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