Wednesday 3 July 2013

He Walked*

She smiled as she looked at him from a foot away, rather to herself. She smiled 'cos she was living a moment she hadn't even imagined in the happiest of times. She smiled 'cos she was walking next to him; walking with him.
There was a ticklish feel within her tummy. 'Butterflies', she shushed. It was more than obvious for them to appear. Suddenly, everything seemed out of focus and oblivion and all that her eyes could see was him. Just him. His every move framed the stars of her universe. A universe so bright that would light up her entire life.
She died every time he smiled. She smiled back reflectively at his honest self. From his majestic true eyes to his gracious walk, he appeared like an angel to her. She shivered a little wondering if all this wasn't real. He talked about things she wasn't concentrating on while she payed all her attention to his splendid princely voice. She felt his presence in every sense of her. She stopped shivering 'cos she could feel. It was real. He was real.
More than his sublime face she could not stop staring at, more than his lavish smile she could lose her breath for, more than his muscular toned body she could seek support from and more than anything life had ever offered her, she was lost on the way into his hair. His can't-get-more-perfect-than-this hair.
Him: Words just failed to suffice this gracious work of art.
Well, it was the end of the road. The sadness dispelled off her face when the touch of his hand instilled warmth to her heart. And after he left, she didn't turn back for she had just lived a dream...a dream she didn't wish to wake up from.

*PS: This is one of the works of a very dear friend :) I sometimes find a piece of me in her, and in her writings :) You can find her page here, go 'like' :) The writings will strike a chord, just like mine do ;) 


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