Sunday 5 May 2013

Summer Girl

My bestie is home after six months and boy, did I have fun or did I have fun today? He is this major prankster and hid away my scrunchies 'cuz I didn't listen to him and decided to keep my hair open for lunch. And boy, worst mistake of my life. I almost melted, I tell ya. It's just so effing hot in Bangalore, I want to chop my hair off. Rihanna style. Okay no. That will make daddy throw me out :\ And I actually chopped my hair a little by the way :P here is a picture 8)

See the red streaks? ;)
Fringes, baby.
*No, no streaks in fringes :P *

So as soon as I got home, I researched for some summer hairstyles. Some are for long, some are for short and medium length. Here is the part one of summer hairstyles.

You might want to book mark this baby, 'cuz they all come with instructions ;)

Layers in my hair might not really allow me to do this, but girls with long hair, you'll rock this one! 

So prettily complicated, know? 

No brownie points for guessing which will be my signature hair style this summer :P 

*dies* So beautiful!

Braided hair, FTW! 

Easy peasy, right? :)

This one is perfect for a evening date, I think. 

This is so good if you have straight hair that doesn't frizz much :D

Messy bun ain't too messy now :P 

Am I the only one that is now feeling bad for the same hair style almost every time? 

All my life I have survived on hair thrown in a pony? Really? 

Pinterest, why didn't I meet you before? 

You know what? We should all totally start making statement with hair already.

I'll tell ya what? Go to Pinterest, search for hair style tutorials, and lets all get prettified, one strand a time ;) If you are too lazy for that, you know where to come ;) Next post will be up on Tuesday :) 

In other news, some goofing around with the photo happened and here is shot of me, complete with fringes. I hadn't ironed them yet, so forgive the mess :D And don't miss out on the red streaks. *Yea, still obsessed* 

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PS: All the images except mine are from Pinterest's various boards. I don't claim any ownership. 


  1. Superb post Namitha :) and i did find a couple of hair styles that i think i'll incorporate in my summer looks... All thanks to you :D btw love your new look :) you are looking so pretty and so cute :D likey like!

    1. Thank you Samyukta :) Aaww its my pleasure :D And thank you again, I am blushing *batting eye lashes* :* <3


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