Friday 19 April 2013

Friday's Fickle Favorites

Do you guys have intuitions? So you believe in intuitions? I do :D But sometimes, I can't really differentiate if I am being crazy optimistic or its an intuition. For me, intuition is a thought that I can believe effortlessly and even when my conscious and experimental brain says, "Ha! That might not happen!", a little voice inside me says, "No. Wait and watch". And most of the times, my intuitions are never wrong 8) This got me into research mode and I got to know that intuition isn't a mystic power, it is scientifically proven that yes, people do sense things. And I, mere mortals, have the power in me 8) but I don't understand why no questions come into my head when exams are around. I mean, that is the time I am supposed to be maximum into studies, but no. Mr.Brain decides to find interest in innocent walls and my heart gets set into Klunkers. You don't know Klunkers? He is my pet pug. No, he is not real. He is a soft toy. But his eyes, they pierce through my soul. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up and talk to him. I feel like he tells me everything is gonna be okay. And they I go back to sleep with a smile and I dream the best dreams. Wait, was I dreaming last night? Ho hum! This feels like a hangover :D Ha! I don't even know what a hangover is :D I have never been drunk.

Okay now before your brain gets all twisted and messed in confusion, here are my Friday's Fickle Favorites. *Do I love freaking people out or do I love freaking people out? ;)*

1. Pink streaks

Something like this. A lot hotter pink, more like neon, and lesser width with more frequency of color here and there. You got it? :D Its spa time for me and mom for a day in the next week, and she has FI.NAH.LY allowed me to get my hair colored! *Woooop!* I want to have shocks of pink, but not like INYOURFACE pink. I might even want some red :D Ha! Lets see ^_^ I might even get wide fringes, you never know ;) 

2. I-Am-Late-Anyway-Clock

How creative is this?! I mean WOW! :D Easy peasy DIY too :)

3. Pets

This picture is just so beautiful, I could die and not regret it :)

4. Ross and Rachel

They'll always be my favorite couple. Period.

5. Quote

Hope :) Gets us through everything :) 

6. Music

Image sources: All are taken from Pinterest. I don't claim any ownership. 

So that was my week and my week's favorites :) What are yours? Shoot a comment ;) 

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  2. Hey...colors like pink and blue needs the hair to be bleached...I wanted purple but the stylists at bblunt told me it would damage my dry hair burgandy is a safe option if u have dry and voluminous hair...

    1. Oh really? :O But I so badly want pink :O :O I'll check with them properly then :) thank you Opal, thanks a bunch :)

  3. Cool... Waiting to your colored hair... And guess Wat thousand years song is my fav too... I hav been insanely listening to it always and singing in house like a maniac... ;) I guess no would tell that they Don like that song...

    1. It will be up in ten days ;) Oh I love love love that song :) Its like it was written for me! :) Hi5! <3


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