Sunday 31 March 2013

My Experience at the Lakme Absolute Salon

There are winters, and then there are summers. And then there is hay. Wind in your hair. Then there is rainy season when there is no hay. Okay well, there goes my pathetic attempt at poetry -_- I wanted to make ya all understand that hair gets crazy dry in summers so we all need hair spas, but well, you know now ;)

Anyway, I should have posted these looonnng ago, but ya know, internet issues.

Okay so Lakme Absolute Salon had this amazing Meet The Expert that happened a while ago and I missed it :\ But they were sweet enough to let me have a hair spa experience on a Sunday and this is how it went.

I reached MG 1 Mall at around 11 30 and reached the salon. The first thing that caught my attention was the interiors - classy and sleek, a perfect combination of black, white and read. The staff was courteous enough :)

The makeup and nail products

I first underwent a scalp test. Apparently, I have an oily scalp and dry hair >.< So the analyst there suggested a hair spa that would reduce the frizz and moisturize my hair.

Was I pampered or what? ^_^

My hair was washed first. Then I was taken to a private chamber where I was given a wonderful spa treatment. A hair mask followed by a great massage. I almost fell asleep. Seeing my go drowsy, the hair stylist was all, "Maam, is the pressure too much?" So sweet! :D

While this was happening, in came another sweet staff that gave me foot massage.

This, my friend, is me ^_^

It was followed by steaming my hair. Steaming your hair while a hair mask in on helps your hair absorb it better. This was again followed by washing and conditioning hair. The stylist asked me to stay away from any heating devices. *Sob* He dried my hair to around 50-60% dryness and let it air dry.

This is how my hair looked after around 4 hours. It was definitely a lot smoother and I can say there was minimal frizz.

Not even basic editing here :) Notice how my side fringes look in place and have a lot of volume in them :)

Ms.Sarala, the person you should definitely meet when you go there, is an absolute sweetheart :) So is the staff.

Oh and Lakme Absolute Salon is the latest venture of Lakme Salons. They offer quick services for skin, hair and body. From basic grooming like manicure and pedicure to hair spas and super amazing makeup. You can check more about it here.

They have a range of products that are absolute luxury -

Here is the happy staff :)

In extreme left is Ms.Sarala, and the guy next to her was the one that led me through the process :) The one with blonde hair was my hair analyst. 

I definitely recommend it for a good salon. The ambiance is wonderful, the staff is nice and considerate and the services, fabulous! :)

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  1. seems like you had fun ! do they have any outlet in kolkata? btw, your bag is really wants !

    1. I sure had fun :D Um not sure though! Thank you :D

  2. seems you had a pampering Sunday :)

  3. Hey Namitha! Loved your blog.. i too have been eyeing the lakme absolute salon every time i cross 1MG.. will definitely check it out now :)

    1. Hey Swati, thank you so much :) Sure, do check it out :) Worth it!

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  5. Thank you very much for your useful review Namitha!! Appreciate it very much :) Can you please give us a current update on this place? Have you had further hair spa treatments or haircuts at this Salon?

  6. Thank you very much for the useful information Namitha!! Can you please give us a current update? Have you been to this Salon for hair spa or hair cuts recently?


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