Tuesday 1 January 2013

And the winners are....

Happy New Year ladies :D And gentlemen if any ;)

I am groggy with 4 hours of sleep + too much staring in computer + calculations at 6 20 AM when my mind is not even half awake :\ Way to start a New Year! But well, I am happy the day started off soon today :D Now I am already done with all the important life changing things - pinning stuff, 9GAG, swooning over Ian Somerhalder and I am bored. So, I shall get back to useless and annoying stuff like studying for exams. Hmph! :@

Before that, the Voylla.com sponsored and Gofavor.com sponsored giveaways have ended and here are the winners :D

I have noticed one lady giving in a lot of fake entries. And she is doing it from my first ever giveaway. Fake FB profile, and utter nonsense typed in place of extra info like tweet link, share link etc. I have blocked her and disqualified all her entries. Lady, if you are reading this, you know it is you.

A sincere request from me is, please don't cheat and fake in entries. When we conduct a giveaway, we are doing it for many reasons. I absolutely understand how tempting the freebies are, but please please please be considerate and join in only if you are genuinely interested.

Okay, lets get back to being fun now.

I had a lot of entries and went to Mr.Random.org to select winners ;)

*Trumpets and bugles*

The lucky winner from 1335 entries to choose one item from Voylla.com is...

Rajani Bhatt!

The giveaway was open only for Indian residents and I am glad you won, Rajani :) All your entries were complete and there were no errors! Congratulations :) Please mail me your contact details and your choice of item from the five items in the banner of the giveaway.

The five winners of the 3620 entries of Gofavor.com sponsored giveaway are!

Shyla Bhadwal

Georgia Karantani

Inge Lakawa

Ashley Cabell

Update: Ashley never replied, so the new winner in her place is
Harshitha Shetty


The giveaway was open internationally :)

I would love to thank the sponsors for the collaboration :)

All you winners, please mail me your contact details within 48 hours!

I shall go and read a nice book now, and then start studying.

You go have fun.

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  1. congratulations to the winners :)


    I have won.... :d i just can't believe... :)
    Wah wat a new year gift Nammu... thanks yo for this wonderful give away :)
    mailing you my contact details now :) geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    BTW Happy New Year :)

  3. omg i won O_O wow!! thank you!

  4. Congrats to all the winners!It's a great giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you:-)


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