Thursday 22 November 2012

Sparks Fly - What Girls Expect From Guys - A Sensible Guide

If only I had a penny for every time I rolled my eyes at super sappy posts on what a girl deserves from a guy or expects from a guy, I would have been a billionaire by now.  I mean Hello?! Are girls THAT sappy? Is THAT much of drama involved? Relationships are THAT biased?! I sometimes wonder if all those ultra cheesy lines are written by 12 year olds in a flood of hormones.

*rolls eyes*

A relationship is something that flourishes when both make efforts. It is alive if you put in life. When something goes wrong, it is pretty natural for both to feel the burn. I mean c'mon! How right it is to blame one for everything? Just cuz he is a guy, doesn't mean he has no emotions. And just cuz she is the girl, doesn't mean she is overly dramatic and wrong every time.
So here is a much much practical version of what girls expect from their guys. After years of *ahem* observation and being an Agony Aunt, here are my views.

1. We girls don't expect you not talking to any other XX chromosome-d being. We know its absolutely immature and practically impossible. And lame. We don't get jealous *okay, may be a lil jealous* around other girls you talk to.We don't start World War III unless you are being excessively interactive with someone else. By that, I mean flirty. Just let us be the ones that gets to know most about you. That is the basic reason we are your girlfriends know? A tad bitter closer to you than the rest? It sucks to know that there is someone out there who knows more about you than we do.

2. Tell us stuff. By that I mean, don't tell us when you peed and how many glasses of water you drank after. We aren't that obsessive. Tell us about your life. Your daily life. Important matters of your life. If something has gone wrong, that too. We promise we won't start advising you, we know you tell us only because you want somebody to listen to you and give you attention.It feels good to know that you trust us with comforting you.

3. We know all guys aren't morons. We also know that guys don't think about sex all the time. We know all guys don't break our hearts. *Okay, that is the first cheesy line in this post* We know the right kind of guy will be our best friend. Please prove us right.

4. When something goes wrong, lets sit down and talk it out. We are usually very chatty, but come problems and we are tongue tied. When this happens, please be patient with us and deal with it. If we need time, give it to us. If you want, take it from us. Its okay to be rude, but know your limits. The simplest things you say will stay in our minds, just the way what we say stays in yours. Do know that we are hurt too.

5. We expect you to listen to us. Even if you don't give us any inputs, just listen to us. You are the one we trust with our heart and soul and kidney and liver and gall bladder, so yea, listen to our dramatic life stories.You really don't have to do anything about it until we ask you to. We tell you because we want to tell you.

6. We expect you to jump in excitement at our new haircut. Not.We don't expect you to notice every other change in us. But then we sometimes show it to you. Like, "Isn't this envelope pendant so pretty? ^_^". At this point, you shall widen your eyes in excitement, and marvel at the sheer excellence of the damned envelope pendant. Yes, you shall.

7.We like knowing your friends. We like being known as your girl. *I am speaking for the girls whose egos aren't too big :P* We like being held in front of your friends. We don't except you to hold us in your arms SRK style and proclaim "SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!" every other day when we are in our sweatshirts, messy hair and sad face. *Wait, we are always looking good when we meet you and friends*

8. We are sport enough to take a joke on us when its between the two of us. No matter how acid it is, we will laugh our sexy asses off, when its between the two of us. Don't you ever make extreme fun of us in front of your friends.Especially the ones we don't know from long. And especially the jokes of a stereotyped girlfriend. We expect you treat us nice and not yap off.

9. When we ask you for an opinion, give us one. We might or might not make it our decision, but what matters is we asked you. We consider you mere mortal worthy enough of giving a consider-able suggestion.

10. Treat us the way you would want your sister's boyfriend to treat her.

11.We like holding hands, no matter how cheesy it is. *Cheesy count = 2*

12. We don't like being yelled upon.

13. When we tell you our deepest secrets, we are just baring it all. *Mind, that is* Don't judge us on our views on certain things.

14. We don't always have to agree with you. Your opinions are yours and don't matter, ours are always right ours.

15.When we ask you if we have put on weight, tell us the honest answer. Its about health, not being safe. And hello there OMGMyBoyfriendCalledMeFatGirls, there is something called fitness that is being health conscious  Ever heard?
*Well if your boyfriend has issues with your body even if you are healthy enough with that weight, its time to dump him honey, he ain't worth it*

16. We don't expect you to hug us and kiss us and swirl us up in the air right after a hurtful fight. But just sit with us. And hold our hand may be? It won't be long before we melt in your arms. *Cheesy Count = 3*

17. We like it when you hug us. We like nudging our faces in your chest.

18. We know you are not Christian Bale. So don't expect us to be Anna Hathaway if you are not Bale.

19. Don't stereotype us. Yes, most of us don't understand Call Of Duty and Counter Strike and DotA. But some of us can kick your ass in those. So yea, don't stereotype us.

20. We like wearing your t shirts and blazers. Hello, Boyfriend blazer :)

21. We expect you to kiss us unexpectedly.* Cheesy count = 4*

22.We love you very much, no matter how bitter the fights.

23. We don't expect a 'Good Morning Beautiful' message every morning. But we like it when you text us first. Especially after a fight.

24. We like being told its all gonna be okay.

25. We ADORE it when you sing for us. No matter how crappy that is.

26. We girls have our own of having fun. And we absolutely understand if you guys find it lame. I mean, when have great things been appreciated in their own times? *smirks*

27. We do talk pervert. May be not as much as you, but yes we do. *winks*

28. Some of us look like dead bugs when we wake up in the morning.

29. We watch cricket and football with you because that interests you. We watch sci-fi and action because you like them. So sit with us and watch a romantic comedy.

30. We weep with movies. *sniff*

31. We find puppies and babies highly adorable. Stop rolling eyes at the 'Aawwwwhhhh!!'s


33. When we ask you to listen to a song, we ask you because its a good one. It needn't necessarily be something we are trying to tell you. *Duh!*

34. Don't ever call us complicated.

35. Do not compare us to your exes. Their is a reason they are exes.

36. We do like one liners and cheesy stuff. All the more if you use them even after a while.

37. We actually like it when you catch us with our waist unguarded. *Cheesy Count = 5*

38.We will always love you, from the bottom of our hearts.

39. Its fun being silly together.

This is all I could think of for now, girls :D Add in yours and lets educate the male community 8) *Sigh*

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  1. omg namita! ur my soul sister!!! there's not a point on which i dont agree with u :) n it seems like i have found a guy who's almost perfect, considering the above definitions of perfect :P just that he doesnt listen to me n my girly stuff :( sigh!

  2. u did lotta research girl....well, there is no point in giving these advices to most men...they will forget and next time when we cry out loud "I had told ya", they would just look at you plain faced "Seriously, have you?"..I would rather go with time...and hope someday they understand...

    1. LOL I did :P Oh I wouldn't feel that hope less :P

  3. hahahaha.. nice post Namita ^_^ cheeseyy one ;)

  4. hehehe.. Babe, this is extremely cute! Loving it!! :)
    Let me add one more.. this is for both guys and girls.. - If you can accept your partner's strengths, do accept his/her weaknesses as well.. after all, nobody is perfect in this world.. ;)


    1. Fida! :) thanks ya doll! :) Yea, that is amazing <3

  5. And Namitha does it again! You should be hired as a 'love expert.' Love the time and effort you put in your posts :)

    1. :D LOL! Aren't you the sweeetest? thanks honey ;) :*

  6. So true..everything u said here is wat relationships are all about..

  7. Very well said! I should probably 'accidentally' send this to my guy so he's aware of what we actually think :D
    Btw, could you check out my blog and follow me if you like it? :)

    1. Aaww haha :D Thank you so much Neha, your comment made my day!

      Sure, I'll be there!


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