Saturday 13 October 2012


How many of us know what we really want in life? What really makes us happy? :) What is that we want from ourselves?

Are you doing what you want to do? Or are you doing what you must do?

This week has been so thought provoking that way :)

I realised my real wants today. All I knew was I don't want to be in Technical field. I wanted blogging, journalism, fashion, music, photography (start with it), event management and what not?! These days, I was obsessed. Add to it, my performance is sort of average in the mid sem exams and that added to the frustration. All I wanted to do was quit B.Tech :P Ask me what I want to do after quitting, and I want to do all of the above! I was pre-occupied with these thoughts on everyday basis for this week and the past, and that led to my confused version. Today, one of my lecturers was having a casual chat with us and she goes like, "What all can you do in one life? You might be good at sports, good at guitar, good at sketching! But what will you do just with the good part? Choose what interests you the most and aim to be the best at it! :)" And that was what I exactly had to hear :) #Sometimes, It helps if you listen to lectures in class ;)

Obviously, yours truly is doing fine now, like literally fine! :)

Also, I also realized I look my best in a kurta :D Yes, I wore this kurta with a pair of red leggings to college today. I braided my hair after long :)

The statement neckpiece stole the show! I got like SO MANY compliments! *blushes* YAY! me :D I paired it with a black bangle :)

PS: Picture obese ;) *heavy is a lighter word here ;)*

I look so confused :D

Just one shade of green ;)

*Beep* *Beep* Retard mode is now on. Thank you. *Beep* *Beep*

*Beep* *Beep* Retard mode is now off. Thank you. *Beep* *Beep*

The bangle :) You like?

The clutch! :D Its a total life saver ^_^

My braid :D My hair likes braids. Thank you for the lovely suggestions on the previous posts, ladies :)

The butterfly clip! *Aawwwh! Pulls its cheeks(?!) yes, I totally did!* and the stud earring :)

Whoever said, 'Give a girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world', I love you. Very much.

Any guesses about the price? ;)

I also bought this yellow colored ballerina :) I have purple and blue on my list next ;)

Kurta - Don't remember, random shop from Commercial Street
Leggings - random shop from Comm. Street again
Neckpiece and bangle - A fare, three years ago :P
Butterfly clips - Giphted ^_^
Studs - Goa
Shoes - Thrifted 

You tell me your thoughts alright? :) 


Oh and shoes, they cost Rs.100/- per pair :) yes, Rs.100/- only :) Wanna buy? Bhashyam cicle, right opposite A2B restaurant :) There is this super cute shoe shop which stocks ballerinas in all possible colors and patterns ^_^ I am in LURVE with the shop guy.

PPS: About the title, aren't we all the characters in the drama called The Life? :)


  1. yay for the braids! that butterfly clip is so cute! and those ballerina's are awesome!

  2. beautiful snaps Nams :) I think U n I have similar tastes in dressing and style...Kurti/leggings and the balloon top(or whatever u call them) and jeans with ballerinas/wedges you showed the other day is what I wear regularly and they look good on my body type too (heavy arms and two tyres in the middle :P). nice to see the 'happy' u back :) I m still in the snooze mood :P

    1. Aaww Pooja :) Hi5! <3 Yea, ballooon tops are awesome :P We do have same body type then, arm fat is a bitch :\ Oh it did take me a long time :P Thank you! :) I am sure you'll be okay soon ;)

  3. I realised what I wanted very very late, but I luv what I am doing for a living right now...eventually you will figure it out... just chillax now and blog on :D

    1. Umm Opal, patience isn't my strongest virtue ;) but thanks though :)

  4. Looking cute <3
    Loveee ur dressing style and yeah pink and yellow shoes <3

  5. The butterfly clip is sooo adorable. :) me super likeyyy it!! and I'm in love with those ballerinas!!! :* :D (let's go shopping sometime Namitha!!! :D)

    1. Aaww Dhriti :D Thank you so much :D Sure, when to go? ;)

  6. I like the way you've combined the necklace with your kurta. It really stands out!

    - Niyomi

  7. You look so pretty! Butterfly clip - <3

  8. you are looking very pretty :)


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