Saturday 15 September 2012

Re-Fitness Re-Inspiration

So I have been a pig >.< REALLY! I haven't worked out for a month for now *gulp!* My diet has gone for a complete toss, like 'WOOOOSH! GONE!' types! I have my excuses okay? College begun, then I fell ill, then something terrible happened, then I got really, like really busy :o And its showing on my skin, my moods and my overall health again :|

ARGHH!! :@

I can feel the fat globules getting formed :o *Mom says I need therapy cuz I have gotten obsessed*

I keep telling myself, "Namita, you don't need to buy L t shirts again, right?" "Namita, you are at the wearing sleeveless again, you don't want to hide in pashminas over bloody cute tops now, know?" "You really want to have that DBC without guilt, I know" "Doncha wanna half fit back into that fish cut skirt, no baby? Really?" "Repeat after me? Tiny Waist Tiny Waist Tiny Waist" >.< But I am so beeping tired when I am back home after college, work out is the last thing on my mind :o

I need motivation, really :o

If they can, you can too :)


This lady scares me :o 

Errrm! :D

I have really got to slog my ass off, really really really! What is your motivation for a kick ass workout? Let me know! :D

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  1. hey you know what,,all I am doing is pushing away and making everything and everyone wait till I complete my day's exercise regime.
    Its to the limit that I have postponed a house party to coming tuesday because my gym remains closed that day,,not only that,,I have shifted the time to evening so that I don't have to miss my abs workout routine at home in the morning.

    listen you have to manage your workout time. Do anything but then do it regularly. and I too get scared by that lady :p

    whenever i feel low and demotivated or cranky or tired working out ,,all I do is start imaging a healthy me in one of my dream outfits . It does work everytime :D

    I think you can squeeze out 30 mins in the morning. don't hit the gym but then you can play some dvd and workout at home, and on days when your schedule is not so tight hit the gym and well sat and sunday you should definitely go there.
    Don't stress on it this much else you will not even feel like to think about working out.

    come on chat some time :) leave me a msg there :)

    1. Whoa Namita :o that was like talking to Jillian :O She tells the exact same things in exact same voice :O :O I have got to restart, been slacking a lot :| *Have mailed you love, check it :)* You know what? You are the best of the best! :D you have really REALLY really motivated me :* thank you so very much Namita <3 <3

    2. LOL god save me,,,m I turning to Jillian :p :o :O NOOO!!!!!!!

      I look at her and I am like,,seeya 1 year ahead :p not now ;)

      Thanks girl :) will check my mail ,,just came back from gym :D hehehe

      and ya start working out again :) to be healthy and jumpy like a rabbit :D


  2. yes! yes! this is motivating!! sinnnnnnnn...yummmmmmmm

    1. CC! :D I am back on track from Wednesday ;) DBC is a total sin, I swear :D


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