Saturday 1 September 2012

For The Love of BSNL!

Aaarrghhh!! :@

Well you know from the title of the post, don't you? Yes. The Mighty Internet was down for the days I was missing here from blogosphere. Really, you don't want me ranting my brains off, do you? You want? *Astonished*

OKAY! So my driving licence test went well and I got my licence :D *Lil dance* And then, my tooth came off. Owww! It wasn't any milk tooth or extra growth like stuff, the cap of the root canal. The dentist said I was lucky not to have swallowed it :P So yea, I freaked out and have an appointment tomorrow. Me no want all of the remaining parts of that poor tooth plucked out now :(

After the tooth trouble, I caught a viral infection. *Sigh* My tummy wouldn't hold in chocolate, can you believe it? CHOCOLATE for crying out loud! In the last three days, I have puked out everything that went in, milk included. *You didn't want this accurate a detail, did you? :P*

Add to all this, the internet was down. No blogging. No Facebook. No reading blogs. My life was pretty much a standstill. No, internet packs on phone are useless. Atleast on mine. *Mom, why you no buy me android? >.<*

On the brighter side * I am a very positive person* *ahem*, I did loads of shopping :D Right before I fell ill, I bought dozens of pairs of earrings and oh, a new jean and a super cute shirt too :) I'll post pics soon, the lighting is bad here. #WeatherIsSoBeautifulButSoBadForPictures

I have like dozens of dozens posts to catch up with and many many emails to reply to right now, excuse me while I am leaving you with You-are-already-used-to-by-now-rant.

All new followers, welcome to LIAF! :)



  1. dentist make me awkward. i find it way to gross to open up my mouth and let that person stare into

    1. Ouch :P I am glad I didn't read this comment before going to dentist ;)

  2. oh I hope you're feeling much better now, it sounds like it was very bad since you couldn't even hold in chocolate :P I'm looking forward to seeing your new purchases pop up on here :D

    1. I am Eline, thank you very much :) I just posted one set of new purchases ;)


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