Friday, 17 August 2012

When Dreams Are Shattered

"To hell with this stupid rain!", I muttered under my breath.

As I walked out of my stupid lab, after a stupid three hours of stupid coding in front of the stupid computer, I didn't want the stupid rain to ruin my day any further. *Think its too stupid to use the word stupid so many times? That was how frustrated I was*

I had spent a freaking whole hour this morning straightening every strand of my unruly hair. I had paid the greatest attention to the most minute frizz and held it in place. Choosing an outfit had taken me a week worth of tearing hair. The shoes, the accessories, the color of my nail, everything was planned and ready. This morning, I had carefully lined my eyes with the darkest kohl, a pale pink on my lips. Ms.Obsessed had to look perfect.

Yes. Today was special. He was coming back from Delhi after three months. I was looking forward to this day right from the moment I kissed him bye three months ago. I still remember the last moments right before the distance began. I don't have a clear picture, the thin film of tears in my eyes had blurred my vision. The Airlines don't understand the pains. He didn't want me to start weeping either. He had hugged me one last time, brushed the hair out of my eye and kissed on my forehead. "Just three months sweetheart, I'll be back in no time", he had said. Ya, right. JUST three months.
Long distance relationships are the worst.
The waiting, the longing to be back in his arms was killing me.
As I was curling those eye lashes, my phone rang.
His number flashed across the screen.
I could feel my heart detaching from my rib cage. It was in my mouth, I swear.
"Hello, baby, did I wake you up?"
No, moron. On the day you are coming home, I'll sleep in late and welcome you with bad breath.
"Nah, did you get a cab to the airport yet?", I smiled as I saw the teddy-bear he had bought for me. It sang 'I love You' in a baby voice everytime I touched its nose.
"Well honey, there is a slight confusion here. I don't think I'll be able to leave here for another week"
"Oh! Sad. Well okay, I better get ready, don't want to miss the college bus. Talk to you later, take care sweetie"
"I know you are up..", I had disconnected the call.
I switched the phone off.
Yes, having obsessive girlfriends is not easy.

And I decided, my day was ruined. Stupid boyfriend. Stupid company. His stupid boss. STUPID STUPID WORLD!

I had changed back into the gloomiest jeans and teeshirt in my closet.

I left my umbrella back home on purpose.

I had decided to yell and scream at every other being other than myself. I had yelled at myself too, pretty much the whole day. I was a grump bag.

And this rain, as I stepped out. Could it get anymore worse?

I walked to the busyard, getting drenched all the way. You can't afford to miss the college bus when your college is in outer realms of the city and is situated 5 kilometres away from the main road. No auto waalas, no public transport.

I finally reached my bus and sunk into my seat. I didn't have a small chat with my driver like I did every evening. He looked concerned, but didn't dare try talking to me. Did I look that scary? I plugged in my earphones and switched my cell phone on. 24 missed calls from him in 7 hours.16 messages. "Sweetie, switch your phone on please?!" "Please please please!" "Really?" "OMFG CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THIS DRAMA?" "Get me a message once you can think practically. Take Care"
Screw you and your practicality.

I sat there, soaked in rain, cold and shivering. The way back home took an hour of torturous journey through broken roads and shattered heart.

As I got down in my stop, I noticed it hadn't stopped drizzling.

 I looked every part of a mess.

At one point, I wondered. Is he kidding? Is he at my door step now, waiting with a bunch of flowers and a naughty smile on his face? Is he gonna sweep me off my feet and mock apologize for this small act?

I mentally slapped myself for even thinking of the impossibility and sunk back to my sulking.

As I reached my gate, I saw my little brother and his little friends playing football. I had always loved these kids that were lost in their game. With not a care in the world, they kicked the ball around and laughed and giggled. I was planning on standing in my balcony with a hot mug of coffee and watching these guys to soothen myself, when the damned ball hit me straight in my arm. Ouch! One of the little boys apologized and in a blink of an eye, they ran away. Good Lord, this has to be the worst day of my life. Thanks to the rain and the gutter, my tee-shirt was coated a disgusting brown color.

Argh! :@ I walked in and found the front door locked. WHERE WAS MOM? I opened the door and walked in to find a note stuck to the shoe case. "Sweetie, me and dad will be late home. If you can, cook dinner else order it in. We miss you baby. Have a nice time ahead" Thank you very much mom. I so deserved this.

I threw my college bag so hard, it jolted the table.I kicked my snickers away and walked to my room. I caught my reflection in the mirror as I walked - dirty tee-shirt, wet, soaking jeans, mess of a hair, kohl and mascara running down my face, my eyes red and drained, swollen lips. Gosh! I did look horrible.

 Screw everybody! I hate him! Moron! I kicked the door of my room open.

There were fairylights all around. Scented candles were lit, giving a dim yet cosy feel. My study table was decorated with soft pastel colored curtains, nets and white pearls. There he stood in the corner of my room, with a bunch of flowers in his hand and a naughty smile on his face. His stupid face. He walked upto me, kneeled down and held up the bunch of roses. As I stood there with no goddamn idea on how to react, he got up, swept me off my feet, and planted a kiss on my nose.

"Enough of your stupid frustration, my stupid girl, let me soak you in me now" The heat from his body was starting to melt me. I could feel my heart beating faster. The longing, the frustration and the dissapointment was fading away. The power of his love engulfed me. Now, all I could think was of losing myself in him, the man that stole me as a whole.

As he carried me to the bed, I wondered what would he be thinking of me right now, looking straight out of garbage.

His eyes gave me the answer.

This guy, this charming guy loved me.

I smiled at him, a stupid stupid smile.

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  1. Hey Namita, Fabulous writing! I usually don't read stories, but you writing kept me hooked-on to it!! :) Way to go!!!!

    1. Hello Rekha,thank you very much :) Means a lot :)

  2. Thums Up from me princess!!!All the best!

  3. so interesting..superb writing

    liked.all the best

  4. sweeet Namita...very well written....

  5. I first thought this is the 'second chapter', then guessed it was 'ur story' I am really confused and would be sad if this isn't truly 'ur story' *sigh* :P ;)
    hatsoff to ur writing, lady ;)

    1. sheesh.... I almost pictured ur hunk and u ... :P :P

    2. Aawwwh Pooja :D Hhehehe :D This is neither the second chapter nor my true story LOL :D Though I wish it was true ;) Thanks a ton Pooja :D Thanks to your comment, I am still giggling :D LOL! :D

  6. Pooja, even I thought this is the second chapter...good one!!!

  7. Awe I am so sorry, it'll be great when he is home though. My boyfriend was away for 4 months, planned on 6 months but came home early - and I know how awfully long those months feel, but once they are over you'll see it just made your bond stronger. =)

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Aawwh Bree *hugs* But this is just a piece of fiction :) Thank you though, looks like you got into the story line :)

  8. Hey girl.You left me crying. I'm away from him now and I can be with him oly after 2 years. I jus couldnt concentrate on anything frm the moment I read this...It was awesome.I literally felt every word here...

    1. OMG! :O I am so sorry :O Its just a piece of fiction sweetie :( Hope you are doing better :* *hugs*

    2. :)Really love reading it:)

    3. I am so glad you liked it Shylu :) thanks sweetie :)

  9. OMG! I loved it so much.. The pictures added the beauty to the tale.. Beautifully written.. And I think you like the word *stupid* a lot.. Loved it totally..

    Someone is Special

    1. Hey! Thanks a ton :) You are the guy that wrote 'We are the Perfect two' right? :) It was superb! :) You are an amazing writer yourself. I hadn't logged into Indiblogger when I read it, so couldn't promote it :P Will do it right now! :) Haha yea, I use *stupid* a lot :D

  10. awesome writing..4m the 1st word..right till the end..i was hooked.

  11. this was lovely good :D

  12. i think you can send have excellent writing skills

  13. i juzz loved this..really m speechless

  14. My first visit to your blog, Namita. Loved the story...:) The pics matched perfectly with the words...:)

    Reading this I happened to remember an incident when I had gone to drop my bro to the Airport. There a couple, I guess recently married, were not ready to leave each other. Her husband was travelling and she was crying all the time. They hugged each other for some minutes and it was beautiful to watch each other..All the Best for the contest, Cheers..:)

    1. Hello Prashanth :) Warm welcome to my blog, thanks a ton :) Your comment made me smile huge :D
      Aawh I know, LDR ain't easy :( But love stays strong, right? :)
      Thank you very much once again :) good luck to you too :)

  15. You have really good writing skills! Keep writing, and all the best for the contest!

  16. This is my first visit to u blog... I cant stop myself from reading ur fictions... Iam an army wife and had been away from my husband when i way on my family way and even after that with my small baby.. All i cud do was to pass my days by reading pre natal book but nights were difficult.. i use to feel walls of my room will come closer and closer and i wont wake up next morning.. It really hard to face separation..
    U r really amazing Namita.. Good luck

    1. This comment made my day :) Thank you so much, Subuhi :) I can understand the pain. I hope you get to see your husband more :)


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