Saturday 28 July 2012

On A Day Out

Hello there! :)

I am just back from my driving lessons :D

Yea, car driving it is :D Yesterday was a breeze. My instructor handled the clutch, breaks and gear, and all I did was accelerate when he asked me to and play handle the steering. And I thought, "Aaah..Driving is a bliss 8)". Today, he thought me how to release the handbreak, clutch, breaks, gears and I am like DAFUQ?! I am wishing I had three legs and three hands :o At one point, the road was uphill and I was supposed to take a left turn :P I conveniently pressed the clutch and the damned car stood still. LOL :D The instructor literally slapped his forehead and is like,

 "Madam, why you hold clutch now?!!"
Me: "You only told know that time :o"
He: "Madam, that was DOWNHILL!!!"
He: *frightened puppy face* "Okay madam, sorry :( "


See? This is how you learn driving :D I am so gonna have lots of fun :D *Vrrooommm!!*

My super dad called an hour ago and asked me to select a place for a day out. WHEEE :D I am gonna drive our car too tomorrow :P Nah, not all the way and back. *My dad won't let me touch it :P* But he will teach me and give some tips ^_^

Before I even started raking my brain on where to go, I am thinking what to wear ;)

Its raining considerably *touchwood* and the weather is calm and cold. *Musshyy!!*

So here is my four cents post on How to Dress for a Day Out with Family 8)

1. Comfort is the main need. You don't want to be squirming in your seat, stuck in an over tight or too large for comfort dress.

2. Keep in mind the place you are going to. If you are visiting places that aren't mainstream tourist places, dress moderately. When you are visiting a new place that you have never been before and have no idea about the restrictions of the place (For eg. some temples, actually many of the important temples here is South India insist on dupattas for women and expect the men to go shirtless. Yes, the traditions here are to be respected), be prepared with extra peices of clothing, like a pashmina or a scarf.

3. Select clothes that dry quickly. You don't want a thick,warm faux fur coat soaked dripping in rain. Go for thinner fabrics that dry quick. You can always layer for warmth and style. *Didn't they teach you in school? 2 layers of thin clothing insulate better than a thick cloth. The layer of air trapped in between the two layers provides extra insulation 8)*

4. Opt for darker hues. Any stains can be concealed better and are noticed lesser.

5. Though the feel of wind through your hair feels great, please tie your hair into neat ponytails/braids. Continous exposure to harsh wind results in dry hay like hair and split ends.

6. Cleanse and moisturize your skin well before you embark on your journey. Wear a high SPF sunscreen and keep re-applying as needed. Excessive tanning is not good for your skin. Even after the tan fades away, the damage done to the skin cannot be reversed.

7. Go light on make up -- a good tinted moisturizer, some concealer if your skin really needs it, compact, lip balm, kohl (if you are a kohl girl) and some mascara. Lip stains remain for longer hours and are fuss free. Even when they get worn out, they leave back a nice color. Keep the make up simple and water proof. Who wants panda eyes? Not me.

8. Shoes. They make or break your comfort. Opt for light weight yet flexible foot wear. As its monsoon now, be careful of the slippery ones. Save the delicate ones and high maintenance ones for parties and movie dates. Ballet flats, sneakers, comfortable wedges that allow fast yet safe movement are advisable.

9. Carry essentials like - safety pins, spare hair clips/pins, sanitary napkins, deodorants, sun glasses with good spf protection, hair brushes/combs, wet wipes, a compact kit of your much needed make up products for quick touch ups (for me its compact powder,kohl, mascara, lip balm and a lipstick)

10. Charge your camera's batteries and empty the memory card. *Yes. We sometimes take fully loaded memory cards and cringe before deleting a less-than-okay picture to capture a better one. No. Bloggers don' do that mistake.We are used to transferring pictures to our computers and also take a back up ASAP. Experience talks.*

11. Finally, let all the inhibitions go and have fun. A holiday is a much deserved break. Don't  give a damn to what anybody says (including this post). If you want it, you do it.
PS: If your dad asks you to slow down or your mom ain't happy with you smiling and waving bye at random cute kids and grand pas/grannies in the cars that pass by you, you better listen to them :P

Travel safe and click lots of pictures ^_^

Oh and in case if you are feeling very generous, can you please gift me this?

With him? Ofcourse I wouldn't mind ^_^ *DROOLLSS!!*

PS: Pictures have been Google-d. Not mine.

Miss me okay? 



  1. Ha, the driving story cracked me up :P I'm going to do my practical driving exam in August, I'm seriously nervous :)

  2. haha...first day is always a breeze...the real trouble starts afterwards :D
    good that your dad's gonna take you to drive :( mine was absolutely no!!! he doesn't trust me and once I handled the car for like 5 seconds and it seemed like he would expire with holding his breath!!! can you imagine??? and, I was like dad..please show some confidence!!! and, since then, I never took out his car...I think I can now coz it has had a major accident and now if anything else happens, dad won't mind much :D :D

    1. Aawh Swati :( Same her though. Its not like he trusts me, but well, he atleast tells me what to do. The trip got cancelled though :(

  3. hahahhahah what fun! driving is :) I loved reading about your first experience, would love to hear more as and when you do something naughty ;) lol It takes practise and seriously, babe, driving in bangalore traffic is not a joke. I go mad just sitting in the passenger's seat, so i can't imagine what it's like to be in the driver's seat. lol I do pop by to bangalore once a year so I get the drift of the roads there. the cops are really scary too..the traffic cops, i mean. :P good post and enjoyed reading all the tiny details as always. much love :)

    1. Hehe yup sure :P I am so loving it :P Thank you CC! :D I know, its maddening here :P but very much fun. Much fun than hanging around in BMTCs :P

  4. This is the reason why I don't have a driver's ;license yet :p. Iv got 3 handsome hunks (DAD, BRO n HUBBY) to drive me around....but then the tips you gave are useful...Also, it's better to carry your hand sanitizer....

    1. Lucky you! 8) I don't have anybody to do that to me :P Oh yes! I forgot hand sanitizer! Thank you Opal :)

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