Thursday 5 July 2012

Maybelline Tinted Taupe Review, Swatches and FOTD

Hello there! :D

Thank you so very much for the super sweet comments on my last post. I am doing great :D Working my ass off, watching out what I eat, and oh! Cooking! Yes 8) Last evening I prepared a simple curry and my family loved it :D Daddy says I am a better cook than mom *cough* You see, that is the insentive to make sure I'l cook again :P I am planning for a medium difficulty dish for tomorrow :D Haha! :D Life is bliss! ^_^ Why don't vacations last forever?! If I was the Education Minister, I would have made sure college lasted 3 months an year and vacations for the rest. *That is why I ain't the EM is another story :D* But hey! Don't even get me started on Education system. *You ask a lazy girl interested in everything cute, nice and colorful, to study fat ass Engg. textbooks, this is what happens*.

And finally, the pointless rant comes to an end 8)

Also, I am humming this song from morning :D Isn't it so effing addictive?! No? :D

Muhahaha :D I made sure you'll hum it all way too :D YAY! me 8)

So, what was I supposed to talk about? Review! Oh yaaa!

Product: Lipstick
Brand: Maybelline
Range: Color Sensational
Shade: Tinted Taupe (355)
Cost: Rs.299/-
Quantity: 4.2g

 It comes in this brown plastic case with a metallic base. I couldn't click pictures of it though. The damned battery of the cam died down.

You guys remember I bought this as a gift to mom for Mother's Day? If you don't know, read that post, you'll know :P Well, my very cranky choosy mom felt this color was too sheer and 'doesn't look like I am wearing any color'. Err. Epic Fail of mine :P When I bought this, I somewhere forgot that she has slightly pigmented lips, and also, unlike me, she likes dark, INYOURFACE colors on her lips >.<
Recently, I bought her a color of her choice, and she tossed this into my lipstick basket. *Yea, I have a basket for lipsticks and glosses. Tiny one. Please gift me lipsticks :o*

And I am so digging this color ^_^

Its very unlike me though. I am more of a pinks and corals girl. I feel browns make me feel look ill :o

Tinted taupe is a pinkish brown color, pretty sheer. In the case, it looks more brown, but swatches pinkish with brown undertones. Berry brown I can say.

It glides on butter smooth (I make sure there is lip balm beneath though, always!) and stays for a good 4-5 hours. With sipping, eating, talking, smooching(Not tried with this on ;)),it still gives a good stay time, and leaves back a nice sheen.

You are NOT allowed to laugh at this photo. I am trying so hard to get you neat swatches. Even if I look hilarious. Hmph!

And weirdly, I love how it smells :D Like toffees ^_^ All I want to do is take a bite :D Its not over powering though. Sensitive noses shouldn't have a problem with this.

One thing I find annoying is the packaging.. I wish it was more feminine. Also, the sides should have been glossy. C'mon, emergency mirrors are always welcome 8)

Other than that, I totally dig this lippie. Its a pretty color, economical and smells so awesome :D

Oh and guys, here is my FOTD! :) My favourite picture of today :D
PS: See my skin? Its clearing up :) No new break outs *touchwood* The scars you see are old ones. I have decided to put up my pictures atleast once a week, to let you(and me)know how good its doing :) I have no concealer anywhere on my face :P No tinted moisturizer either :) I have a feeling that in about a month everything will get cleared out :) Happy flawless skin :)

Oh and my latest resolution, no matter what happens, I'll post once a day, everyday, at-least until my college re-opens :)
PS: I am not responsible for lame posts. YOU asked for it 8)

So that is for today! :) Lemme know how you like the color, and also tell me I look very pretty :) Synonyms of pretty are welcome too 8)

Mmwahh! :)

Until next time,



  1. hmmmm!!!! nice color.. looks great on u.
    What ru using for those blemishes to clear up?

    1. Thank you Shourima!
      Oh its a prescribed medicine, retinol. Has to be taken under guidance of your derma :)

  2. nice post...following u do visit my blog

  3. I have the exact shade. Also, pink me up and coral tooo....Looks lovely on you...actually, I feel it will suit most Indian skin tones...

    1. Opal! :) Its a wonderful color know? Yea, does suit most skin tones :) Thank you :)

  4. Wow Namita, you look great in the FOTD, seems you watching what you eat really has paid off!

    1. Haha thank you ;) you see its inner glow ;) Happiness + good food + exercise = great skin :)

  5. Wow such a peppy blog!!
    thanks for following dear :)
    Loved this color..It compliments you :D
    your newest follower :)

  6. you have a nail art on your nails !!!
    whats design?? Do let me know!!
    love, :)

  7. *whats the design... (am sorry grammatical error :P )

    1. First of all, thank you :D You are really sweet :)
      Second of all, that is an abstract tribal design :P I don't have break down pictures :( But will put up proper picture asap ;)
      And, I would love if you could join in my giveaway :)

  8. I too love tinted taupe. Its a great color. Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog. I really appreciate it :)

  9. I like Tinted Taupe and Totally Toffee after My Mahagony :) looks like your MLBB..

    1. I am yet to try more di, I am a make up virgin :P Thank you :)

  10. Loved it on you Namita. :) Looks very natural on you.And i cant see any blemishes any where. Seriously. You already look flawless. ;)

    1. Aaw Jyoti :D I am beaming here :D Well I have strategically covered them away under my tresses ;) I want it like how you guys have :o So clear! Thanks a lot though :D I probably will keep reading this comment over and over again :P

  11. Oh...I really like this color...Plz tell me its got no shimmer...plz plz plz...

    1. No, it has no shimmer :D That is the reason I love it too :D Its just got a wonderful subtle sheen :)

  12. it looks so pretty on u and thats a lovely FOTD namita

    P.s: thnk u fr drop'n by blog swtz & u gotta pretty blog here =)

  13. Very peppy. Loved reading ur post

  14. nice shade,,it look g8 on u,,,n love ur skin its so glowing,,
    n ya m following ur blog since a week n i dont get bored reading ur post ever actually i love reading ur blog :)


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