Saturday 30 June 2012

Viviana Ink Liner Review, Swatches, EOTD and FOTD ^_^

Hello there my SugarCandies! :)

How is the evening? (Morning to some of you, may be night? Noon? :D) What? :o Don't give me those looks. Stop. Oww stop please?! What happened anyway? :o 
OKAY! I have been a complete loser and pulled away myself from blogging. Sorry :( *Puppy face* But hey! I am back now know? I am not gonna rant :P Instead, you guys read this review and WAIT! My first EOTD and FOTD is here :D Those of new to these terms, let me enlighten *Ahem* EOTD = Eye Of The Day and FOTD = Face Of The Day!

OK, chalo review time :)

Product: Ink liner
Brand: Viviana
Shade: Black
Cost: On Flipcart, its Rs.599/- and after a discount, its available for Rs.569/- I tried my level best to find out the cost, but its not listed anywhere in the website:( I have already written to the admins on their Facebook Page, will update you soon. 
Quantity: 1.2ml
Shelf Life: 30 months
Key Ingredients: Orange & Pineapple Extracts, Aloe Vera & Vitamin A

What does the company claim?

Viviana™ Magic InkLiner is a super longwear, water-based blackest black liquid Ink eyeliner.
Its smooth unique skinny tip provides a super smooth mistake-proof & precise lining. It’s unique features are:

  •  Water proof
  • Dries Quickly
  •  No transfer, no fading
  •  Excellent skin compatibility
  • Not tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Opthalmologically approved & safe for the eyes
  • Product in conformity with US, European & Japanese Legislations

It comes in a neat fuss free packaging with a sturdy cap. Travel friendly :)
The liquid eye liner comes with a felt tip which is super pointed and precise! It is super versatile, thin strand like lines as well as fat ass lines can be drawn easily :D 

Well liquid liners have never been much of a trouble to me. I am comfortable and apply them easily. 

When I first tried this liner, I doodled on my eyes :| Yes, I did. The felt tip is so soft, my used-to-bristles-fingers were astonished :D 

Then, I mastered it. *Evil grin*

And have fallen in love ever since. IMO, its so much more fuss free than bristles. It dries super fast, doesn't transfer to my skin-below-brows and looks fantastic. 
The staying power is almost 7 hours, which is WOW! Zero smudging once it dries.

Its perfect for regular eye makeup as well as dramatic ones -- the smokey, the winged and the more. 

But my only (and sorta huge) complaint is concerned with water. It is NOT water proof. Though Viviana made a tall claim of its water-proof-ness, its an epic fail. Forget being water proof, its not even water resistant :| 

See for yourself :|


Just a mild jet of water and slight rubbing, and the liner vanishes like *poooof* GONE! 

Obviously, this liner is when you are very sure its not gonna rain. Well it passed the sweat test though (who else sweats on eyelid? 8) Joke, I mean sweating all over like a pig with slightest increase warmth in temperature). 

Oh and I have VERY sensitive skin around my eyes, and there was no stinging whatsoever :)

Expect for the water proof claim, it indeed is a decent liner for beginners as well as pros. 

Lets move on to the EOTD now, shall we? ;)

PS: I am still a beginner when it comes to dolling up, so please excuse my clumsiness (if any ;))*ahem*

And the pretty face is here ;) 

8) 8)

Oh and guys, I am loving my hair these days! ^_^ 

Obsessed much? Try having shitty hair all life and finally discovering what works and makes you the Rapunzel. *Drama much? I am 8)* Lets call it a Good Hair Day ;)

So guys, temme what you think :* :)

Until next time,


PS: The product has been sent by the company for the review purposes.It hasn't affected my review. Hand on heart 


  1. Seems nice..And super cute FOTD :-*
    loving ur gorgeous hair snap too :D

  2. The liner really looks fab on u .. But yea I wud avoid dis liner in dis rainy season :)

  3. I really liked the honest review!

    You look purrty.


  4. wil never prefer a non waterproof eye liner
    thanks for the review :)

  5. Liner is luking very pretty on you....nice review ...:)

  6. Lovely hair Nams..share the secret..and yup the eyeliner seems to be super easy in the application department :)

    1. Aaww thank you Aditi :) Sure, I'll make a post soon! Sunsilk range though for shampoo and conditioner :) Oh ya it is, super easy and versatile :)

  7. Looks like a no-no to me.. Nice FOTD and beautiful hair.. I love wavy hair:)

    1. Umm its a good eye liner for summer :) And while creating looks :) Thank you sweetie :)

  8. ur pics..ur hair so b'ful hun!!! :)
    Gr8 Review...
    The Sweet Life

    1. Aaww thanks Ruhie :) Ur name always makes me smile ^_^

  9. Honest review so kudos for that...I guess we have the same hair type...dry, high volume, frizzy un-tamable hair if so, then youv done a great job maintaing it....

    1. Thank you Opal :) yea, it did take a lot of trial and error to find the routine! Will share soon :)

  10. Nice review...and in love with your hair 8)


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