Friday 18 May 2012

Summer is here! - My Entry for The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest

Its that time of the year when the hem lines go up, gallons of water goes down your system. Yes. THE Summer is here. So lets see how to live it up, shall we? :)

HAVE FUN! The mantra is to make the most of the good weather, with all the style and care! Here we go! :)

Love your skin, and it will love you back

Use a refreshing face wash regularly to keep your skin clean. Summer implies sweat and dirt. This might lead to clogged pores resulting in acne. If you already suffer from acne, switch your mild cleanser to one that cleans better and provides stronger protection against pimple causing bacteria.

Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead tanned and damaged cells. Use a gentle exfoliator regularly (twice to thrice a week depending on your skin type) and experience the charm :)

Moisturise to keep skin supple and stress-free :)

Sunscreen is your best friend. Slap on some and make sure you re-apply every four hours or more, depending how long you are in exposure. A good sunscreen prevents tanning, and saves your skin from the harmful UV rays of Mr.Sun. Implies, you needn't tear your hair over skin aging sooner :)

Hydrate, and keep hydrating! 
Your skin and body loses a lot of water due to the heat - all the sweating and dehydration that does no good to you. So yes, gulp down lots of water, lemonade, slush drinks, juices etc., to keep your skin, hair and body happy happy :)

Protection matters ;)
Oh yes, please use an umbrella, shawl, or any piece of cloth that covers you. It doesn't matter if you resemble a terrorist. Your skin needs it all. These physical barriers save you from sun burns and harsh sun rays. This way, you are double protected.Bring that super stylish shades out and wear it. The area surrounding the eye is very delicate. It is more sensitive than your facial skin. Wear shades that provide a good UV protection.

Eat healthy
Junk food takes more time to get digested, thus increasing levels of bloating. It also piles on you as flab. Who wants to be flabby in the Bikini Season? So try avoiding junk food as much as possible and switch over to easily digestible food. Veggies are your best friends. Snack on fruit salads. This helps you be energetic, fit and active :) 

Go light on make up
You don't want to look patchy with foundation draining down messing your pretty face. Go light on make-up. Try switching heavy foundation with tinted moisturizer. Conceal if really needed and go easy on cake-y products. Nothing is worse than a make-up meltdown.

Wear clothes that let your skin breathe
Cotton is very summer friendly. It doesn't stick to your body making you uncomfortable. Cotton clothes absorb sweat thus keeping you dry and mess free. Khadi is also a great choice.

Hit an amusement park/beach and HAVE FUN!
With all the above mentioned precautions, head to your nearest water spot and have the time of your life! Summer comes once an year and why hide when you can beat it? 8) 

Document your life
Summer is the time when beautiful flowers bloom and the Planet Earth is all colorful! Get that camera clicking and click away wonderful photographs! :) 

And while at it, remember, 

“It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!” 
― Kenny Chesney

Happy Summer! :)

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*This is my entry for The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest :D Wish me luck my divas! :**


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  10. It is good to see more natural skin care products out there. The chemical treatments are effective put do have some side effects.


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