Tuesday 22 May 2012

Suggestions please? :D

Hello there!

Yes you! Do me a favor? Gimme a suggestion? Wait, did you notice the comment section? *Why do I sound like a cop?!* :o

Okie girls! Temme now :* I thought Intense Debate comments are better because I can reply to each and every comment right below. And it also lets you connect straight to your blog, than the Blogger profile.

But then I noticed, my Recent Comments widget, titled 'Making my Day :)' *so aptly* isn't updated anymore
>.< Also, I don't get to read comments via Blogger Dashboard :( :( I am so used to clicking on 'Comments' and smiling big with every single comment :o

Do you guys like Intense Debate? Or prefer the old blogger one? Any one knows a Recent Comment widget that works with Intense Debate? Please.Let.Me.Know! Or any simple blogger template (like the one I am using right now) with Comment section having a 'Reply' button for every comment? If you know, comment below pleaseee :D

Thank you so much!

I'll switch the damned computer off and study now. I have a Math exam on Thursday, and if I don't start now, I am sure I am gonna screw it up. And bad.

So, when I log in after like 3 hours, I need MANY comments OK? Suggestions, links, AllTheBests?

P.S: I love you :D *Corny me :P*


1 comment:

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