Saturday 11 February 2012

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Purifying Blemish Solver

Hello my Cookies! :)
SO missed me? :P No? Read this then ;) Though I had planned on making a post on 'How to handle assholes', my bestie Suha (She is like the bestestestest friend you could ever get! :* Love her to bits! <3) suggested that that bastard doesn't deserve a blog post and also, the same rules as in How to Handle Mean Beepos applies here too :D And so, she indirectly saved you guys from long long boring rants of mine :D Thank her ;)

So poor old (?!) me decided to review Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Purifying Blemish Solver instead! :D 
If you guys have read Oriflame Cream Review, you will know how my mom makes me a guinea pig :| *Well the fact that I get stuff for free doesn't make up for that! Where are my Human Rights? :( :D *
Bouncing to the review (Yeah I bounced :D ) :
Product: Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Purifying Blemish Solver
Brand: Oriflame
Price: Rs.298 (Listed at this moment in the website.  You may consult your consultants for current price/discount ;) :))
Quantity: 14 ml 0.4 fl. oz
Directions for Use Dot this handy stick with pure organic tea tree and rosemary oil on targeted areas to soothe and clear skin. Use under make-up or wear alone. 

What does the mighty Oriflame claim?
'Helps dry out blemishes anytime, anywhere' 
Alright! :D

SO when mumma wanted to experiment this on me, I readily agreed :D Shoooo blemishes,shoo! :|

The cool green tube comes with a spongy (?!) applicator and a screw cap. Its on of those packagings that make you feel fresh just by looking at it :D *Oh wait, you guys don't do that? :o*
The magic liquid is of very thin watery consistency and gives a cooling sensation on application. I usually use it post washing on my face, on the last remains of blemishes :) And also, on any upcoming pimples >.< It tingles a lil bit on broken skin aka picked pimples, but that is manageable 8) (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Does it freakin' work? :O
HELL YA it does :D I have been using it for the past two years on my blemishes and yeah baby it works! It dries out blemishes and makes them lighter :) The tiny bumps back off too 8) *Muhahahahaa* 

The only complaint is it makes skin oily :o After an hour of application, the blemish-y area goes oily, and I am tempted to wash face again! Its nothing major, but I hate feeling like a Petrol station :P (Petrol pump? Oil? Okay lame joke :( ) Though the directions say it can be used with makeup, I am concerned it might block pores :o You know the oiliness causes dirt accumulation and err, causes angry bumps :|

But that doesn't stop me from using this baby though. I use it after getting back home from college, let it sit on my face and do some productive work :)

So is it a Fairytale or a Tragedy? ---Definitely a Fairytale! Except for the makes-my-skin-oily issue, I love this product :D So lets say the Prince rescued the Princess, but forgot to kiss her right then? Yeah, that 'errrrr' feel :D

On a totally different note, its my birthday this Tuesday :D Yeah, on Valentine's Day *Rolls eyes* I personally don't believe in celebrating love once an year, but the Heart shaped pillows, the chocolates, the flowers and the cupid struck world makes me feel good :) Go ahead, appreciate the love of your life :) Needn't be partners always, love yourself :) *Blog post on Self-Love ahead coming up soon ♥*

Well guys, lemme know your experience with the blemish solver :D

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  1. I have never tried any of Oriflame's products :( ... seems pretty interesting... nicely reviewed

  2. @Riddhi: Oh you should if blemishes are your problem!:|

    @Shalini: Aaww you can give a try :) Most of the Oriflame products are pretty good and effective :) Thank you so much :)

    Namita <3

  3. Ooh that's nice! I always fume and fumble and wait for the pimples to disappear. Finally a product that works!

  4. Well I must say this doesn't give overnight results, but takes 3-4 days :o Though that is so much better than zits :D
    Give a try and lemme know sweetie :)
    Namita <3

  5. OMG..this is the cutest kind of product review I have ever read/seen. :P

    Have so many blemishes, lets see, if I can get my hands on this. :)

  6. Haha thanks Pooja :D
    Oh please try :) It has helped lighten my blemishes to a great extent! Totally worth it! :)

    Namita <3

  7. You reviewed it so well...Must Try!!

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    Enter giveaway and win $100

  8. Aaah thanks! :)
    Eh I entered the giveaway, hope I win ;)
    *Fingers crossed*
    Namita <3

  9. i really need one of these~


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