Monday 14 October 2013

Lakme Gel Stylist In Electric Orange - Swatches, Review

You know how Taylor said, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together"? Yea, I am an ardent follower. Every time I feel low, I empty a bottle of vodka, put on the infamous MAC Russian Red and pull myself together over a dozen cigarettes.


Whom am I kidding? I don't even know how to differentiate between the various alcoholic drinks, forget a bottle of vodka :'D If my mother ever reads the above sentences,*HAHAHA! Got lost in the hilarious visual *insert the tears-from-both-eyes-cuz-m-laughing-so-hard-emoticon-here**

Okay so when it is upto drowning my sorrows, its usually over a huge cup of green tea, a lot of drool over Stefan Salvatore (I ain't a Damon fan yet, though I have a massive, massive crush on Ian) and nail paint. Yea, I paint my nails every other week because it makes me feel like a new person because the old one would have chipped making my fingers look ffffffugly.

But this lil bottle of fun, here, this lil thing has made me very lazy. Why? Read on.

That's why.

Okay so this nail paint,called Electric Orange is from the series of Gloss and Gel Stylist from Lakme Absolute. The nail paints claim to give a gel manicure - gel like finish, thick and opaque, in just one stroke. It costs Rs.400/- for 3.6 gm.

Does it do what it claims?

Oh yea, it does. The color is rich and nice, sort of like a nice blanket for the nails ^_^ Snuggly, warm and comfortable ^_^ I think when coated with this, my nails cuddle by the window and read Cecelia Ahern ^_^ (Don't ask me where is the window, I guessed 'cuz the nails' owner does the same in snuggly, warm and comfortable weather)

The brush is HUGE. It colors half my nail in one go and picks up a LOT of color, so make sure you drop down the excess back to the GIGANTIC bottle. The paint in itself is thick but not goopy.

Okay so the color stays for looooooong, like really looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooongg! You see the swatch below? Its taken after two days after painting my nails. Still looks so new and fresh and rich.

I prefer applying two coats cuz it gives a very nice and pretty finish. It dries quickly, but I suggest you wait till it dries for a longer time, or use a top coat or dip your fingers in cold water to seal the color cuz it sort of picks up patterns of things that might touch it - fabrics may be.

It doesn't chip until up to eight days for me. The color on the whole nail sort of fades after five to six days and the color at the tip of the nail fades more than the rest. Most times I am too busy too lazy to change it, so I end up coating another layer on top of it.  *hides face*

Rs.400/- is honestly too much for a nail polish, IMO. My heart rips apart when I am paying so much, so most times I prefer cheaper ones cuz hey! I have new color on my nails every week and I sort of prefer having a set of new colors every few months. Rs.400/- is definitely a whole in the pocket.

Do I recommend it?

Yea, if you want a quality nail paint that doesn't chip for a long time, and gives a fab finish.

My only problem is the price. Rs.400/- is HOLY COW! THAT'S EXPENSIVE!!

What do you think? :)

Shoot a comment, let me know! :)

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  1. its a stunning color, I saw them in India and left them cos of the price, but 8 days is good :)

  2. very bright it..:)

  3. loved reading the review and it's a lovely shade. but Rs.400!! for this!!! it's crazy priced, Lakme!!!


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