Wednesday 31 October 2012

Sour Life Saver

If there is one of the things in life that I want to freeze and never let go, its got to be the weather in Bangalore. My my! The beauty of it ^_^ Its so cold and drizz-ly. *Is that a word? :o*  It has drizzled the whole day today! Though I was grumpy when the day began *C'mon! You are running late, wearing the most awful jeans in your closet with the most boring tee and being sleep deprived, it rains guarantee-ing a very bad hair day. Would you smile? :o* , I eventually let it go and welcomed the drizzle and frizzle. *Ya know what? I thought I made up the word 'frizzle', to rhyme with drizzle. But then there was no decorative red line *meaning error* shown by dear Blogger, so me Google-d 'frizzle'. Turns out, there already exists a word like that* I talk so much know? *astonished face*

Everywhere I see, people are wearing tons of clothes, rubbing their palms generating heat, curious humanoids like me blowing air off mouth to see if there is any fog coming out. *Wait, that is just me*. Oh and mushy couples! ^_^ Sharing hoodies, sharing umbrellas 8) I am sure of one thing. Come June, there will be a lot of babies to be born in Bangalore and we know the current weather is to blame.#IAmSoNotPervert.

Anyho, I am sipping on my coffee, under layers of  clothes, and typing this in, parallelly pinning things on my boards. That is when I remembered, in my last post, I had mentioned about using lemon to get rid of acne. Some of you wanted the complete procedure, and I thought its the easiest post to type, the cold and all :P

See, lemon is acidic. It fades the scars and kills the acne. Your acne is bacteria. And those lil ** creatures are the reasons of the pretty pimples.
I have this very oily skin which is very prone to acne and blemishes. All my teenage, I have struggled with acne. And from past three years, I ended up with scars too. I have tried almost all possible medications under the sun, from baking soda to retinol. While retinol helped me get rid of acne, I couldn't continue the medication as it made my skin very tender.
And I finally got rid of the tenderness and high levels of pigmentation using honey and lemon.

Honey has been useful to me to treat huge, pus filled pimples, but it is not as fast and effective as lemon in treating scars. You can find the post here.

Coming back to lemon, let me warn you. Being effective, it also is pretty harsh on skin. If you are sensitive, I mean your skin is super sensitive, then dilute lemon juice with rose water.

This is what I am doing everyday from past a week:

Wash face with lukewarm water and cleanse really clean.
Pat dry and apply freshly squeezed lemon juice all over my face. I apply more on the existing scars and pimples.
And then I let it dry for almost an hour.
I wash it away with warm water, pat dry and moisturize.

If its a holiday, I repeat the process twice a day, if not, once a day.

It does sting on cut pimples and dry patches of skin (if you have any. I have this annoying patch on the part where the nose meets the face :o What do you call it anyway? :o)

Also, your skin becomes more sun sensitive, so be sure to use enough sun protection. We don't want unnecessary extra hyper pigmentation now, know? :) *Yes, I say that and only then you'll wear sunscreen*

PS: If you are allergic to lemon, or super sensitive, please stay away from this :P And then don't blame me if you end up with a badder skin. *I know badder is wrong. Grammar Nazi? Bite me 8)*

That is it! Let me know if it works for ya :) It totally does for me, has always cleared the baddest pimples in a week and given clarity to my skin in fifteen days :) *Baddest doesn't exist too 8)*

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  1. Thank you so much Namita for this.... i have tried it.. have applied the lemon now :P hope this works on me ;)
    n yeah man this Bangalore weather is so freaking awesome... I'm loving it... since morning wasn't feeling like working.... :D

    PS : thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    ~Rajani <3

    1. Anytime Rajani :) That is great! :D Let me know how it works for ya :*
      Haha hi5! :D The weather ^_^

  2. Nice post. I swear by the lemon juice.

    1. Thank you Eshna :) Yea, it works like magic! :D


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