Sunday 16 September 2012

How to Be Yourself

"You are unique, like everybody else" :D OK no, that is a bad way to start an article on being yourself :P

But really? Isn't it so crucial to have an identity for yourself? Be recognized for what you are? We all have those phases where we are inspired by somebody so much, that we want to like them, just like them. Those phases repeat with different personalities (atleast for me). So in a world filled with many inspiring people, how to be yourself and be inspiring to others?

1. Take some time off.
Yea, take some time off and realize what you really are. That tiny voice in your head reading this right now is you. When you are wrong, it tells you so. When you are right, it tells you so too. When you are wrong and you tell that you are right, it will tell you that you are wrong. Trust that little voice for all your decisions.

2. Know what you can pull off, what you can't
In the pursuit of being enigmatic, we end up copying others than getting inspired. *Happens a lot in blogging too* Have a comfort zone where you are comfortable enough to experiment around. Let your experimentation become a tragedy. When you are not comfortable and confident, it shows.

3. Respect yourself
You are what you are, be your own best friend. Always respect your self, your needs and opinions. You don't have to be headlong and annoying, but always stand up for yourself. You are nobody's slave.

4. Don't be stuck in an Old You when you are trying to change
Seeking oneself is a life long journey. You weren't the way you are now five years ago. Don't fight the change, accept it. Improve yourself everyday. Strive to be a better version of yourself.

5. Stop worrying about others' definition of you
I keep mentioning this in all such posts of mine. Fat, skinny, tall, short, fair, dusky, pimply face, hay hair, stupid nose,whateverthedamnitis, don't give a rat's ass. You can always differentiate between the genuine comments of people that care and the annoying ones that want to put you down. Give them the place they deserve. At the end of the day, only you can live your life.Nobody can make you inferior without your consent.

6. Express your individuality
I used to be a shy person, really. I wouldn't talk much, go around and make friends. *Even today, it takes effort to be a sport. I am a spoil sport at times, really* Change your weaknesses into neutrality day by day. Start walking out of the rigid comfort zone a lil, step by step. Make an effort to be a funnier version of yourself. Don't be a stuck up. Develop your personality so strong, that when somebody else has a few qualities of you, they will be 'like You' :)

7. Be honest and frank
Yea, nobody likes a In-Your-face person, but a fake one is hated too. If you are asked for a genuine opinion, give the genuine one. You needn't always tell what people want to hear :)

8. Have a style of yours, and follow it
Well I know, this sounds very messed. Now there is a set of people that argue that outward appearance needn't matter, what matters is the person inside. My point is, if you are presenting yourself well, you have nothing to lose. All it takes is a wee bit of interest - groomed, neat and pleasant. The confidence that style gives is so irreplaceable! Have a signature style - a perfume, a deo or a charm - whatever you love :) Create an aura around you, and charm people ^_^

9. Be warm and nice
No matter how popular a bitchy girl is, at the end, everybody loves the sweet one. Be nice and sweet, be approachable. Being cocky and annoying doesn't take you anywhere. Know the fine line between self respect, respectable attitude and superiority complex.

10. Let the child in you remain a child
We all have the kid in us, stifled and suffocated. The kid comes out only at the deepest despair or the happiest moments. Try making her present all the time :) All kids are such diverse individuals, right? They all give so much of happiness and radiate joy, don't they?

These are my tips :) Let me know yours!

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