Sunday 5 February 2012

The Yummy Bacteria - TOD!

"No mom!! Applying lemon-juice on that stupid mark on my cheek wont help, it will just make me smell like a juice-stall :-| " "OIL? HAIR? Are you in sane mind?!" Well that was me before I actually tried any home remedies. I have been a victim of pimples, and so obviously blemishes, dry hair, chapped lips and all other such creepies that wreck havoc at a personal level. After lot cash spent on dumping chemicals on my skin and hair, and tearing hair and throwing tantrums over the results that never showed up, I decided to try the so famed Mummy's/Granny's/Neighbor's/Aunt's Home Remedies :o In this section, I'll list out the tips that worked for me(and those that didn't). So much for doubting the sanity of my mom :P   

Have I told you guys about my hair's multiple personality disorder? No? Okay listen! 8) It is thick, very thick. Before you get all green eyed, read further. Its sorta wavy, sorta straight, and very prone to dryness and splitends! The day I wash, its ultra frizzy till it dries, then it poofs up. The next day its smoother but still poofy. The third day its super sleek, zero frizz AND oily :\ By the end of third day, its back to a frizzy mess :@ Now who wants a texture like this? *I never use heat on my hair btw. No blow dryer too. I let it air dry* And the weirdest part, if I braid it, its sleeky straight and zero mess 8) Pony it, puts cotton candy to shame. *Talk about "OMG! Your hair is so thick! I want I want :o" :-|*

I have tried MANY drugstore brands. Trust me when I say many and the multitude of variants. Recently it dawned onto me that I have never given a fair chance to Dove, and bought home the Oil Care range. And Voila! Say Hi! to almost beautiful hair :P 'Almost' because I aint completely satisfied :o Well I got to use it for more times though!
So right now  I am trying home remedies that moisturize hair effectively. I used  the very yummy curd today and here is what happened 8)
Curd: Curd is a dairy product. *Those of you thinking 'curds' is the right word, I just verified with an article that says both are correct :)* It softens hair and works as an effective conditioner. Also, it helps in combating dandruff and dry scalp

To be honest with you guys, I forgot to oil my hair last night. *FINE mom! You were right. Oiling hair has done good to me!  Now stop nagging :@*
From past few months I have made it a habit never to wash hair without oiling. I have observed my hair smiling when oiled pre-wash. *rolls eyes*
So this morning the 'curd' cure dawned on to me 8) *My brain can be useful sometimes :P* So I just applied it from scalp to the tips, concentrating on the drier ends. And wrapped over an old tee-shirt to avoid those droplets that would later run down to my face >.< After half an hour, I washed and conditioned my hair normally 8) *Oh and I treated myself to a pedicure today ^_^*
And boy oh boy! I am running my fingers through my hair ever since 8) Sheesh! :D Its so much more smoother and silkier ^_^ Eeeeeeeeee I love my hair! 8) *Self Obsession? Let it be! :P* The ends are looking so healthy and there is hardly any frizz 8) Muhahahahaaa 8) *Evil grin* 8) The thicker the curd, the better. Just try not to lick it off :P
The only con is the smell :P I basically don't have a sensitive nose, but those of you that have, might prefer clipping it :P OK don't. Instead distract yourself. OH well stop being winy and bear it, the beautiful effect is totally worth it 8) 
And also, allow the curd to get back to room temperature if it was in fridge before. Applying cold one will give a bad bad headache :(
BTW, did you know that curd contains bacteria? So everytime you basically drink bacteria Lactobacilli? But they are very kind :) Without them, the digestive system will go for a toss! BACTERIA! :o Aahh nope, I aint evil ;) 
So my Munchkins, try this and let me know how you liked it :)
*Goes back to preening and admiring and drooling (SHEEESSHHH!!!!) over her hair. Gross?? ME?? NOO :o*

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  1. I know the pain of having hair that's got a mind of it's own. Boohoohoo. By the way have you tried L'oreal Liss Ultime? My hair is also like your and I find it becomes smooth after using the shampoo & hair condition and it's not very expensive. I buy mine from India every time I go cuz I don't know where to find it here.

    Also cuz the hair is wavy/curly, I wash my hair and then go to bed with slightly damp hair & when I wake up voila! I have lovely curls <3 Just a bit of styling and I'm ready to go. Let me know if that helps :D

  2. I am all for natural remedies. Good post gurl!

  3. @Ms Nyx: Thanks for the lovely comment hon, but L'oreal gives me an awful hairfall :( I have seen a gradual build up too :\
    The going-to-bed-with-slightly-damp hair, I'll give a try sweetie :) Hope it helps me too :D
    @Karishma: Same here :) Thanks so much :)
    @Butterfly: Thanks much honeybunch :* :)
    Namita <3

  4. The love the softness after using curd!

  5. Same here! SO soft, makes me obsessed with my hair :P

  6. I m not sharing my cup of Curd with you!!
    lol why do u end up using delicious edibles as cosmetics!! u know there is serious constant food shortage in my belly!! :P

  7. :| :| :| Could you get more moronic? :| I won't steal your curds. Happy? Anyway you are the loser! I will chop my hair off if it goes dry! Fine by you? :P ;)

  8. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! longer hair :P :D :D :D :* <3

  9. LOL! :D Then share the curds ;) :* My sweetheart :* <3

  10. haha, love the way you blog! So funny and witty. Good to know your hair is finally manageable. i absolutely love home remedies. I use curd all over my face for glowey, supple skin (don't forget to rinse off!)
    Just had to follow you pumpkin :P
    check out my blog too and please follow even if it dosent get your attention :P :P :P

  11. :D Thank you so much sweetie :) Aah my hair is still bi polar :| Somethings never change :| :D 'Don't forget to rinse off' LOL! :D
    Thanks for following me honey :)
    Oh I am visiting and following your blog like right now :)

    Namita <3


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