Monday 16 January 2012

Why blog..!!

Hey there! So the first post is here. What better way to start, than sharing the birth of my passion! This is not my first blog. I have had blogs before, the ones that were created in sheer excitement, with no particular reason :P You know sometimes you just do something, on an impulse 8) (Like that 'Just another tee' buy when you are already, forcefully pushing that cupboard door, and locking it up, before the avalanche of clothes bombards you :D) So eh! That is the reason none of those blogs flourished and never got a life :P 

But 'Life is FairyTale ' is the brainchild of hours together of thinking. I had so many many ideas swimming in my little head, I had to have an outlet. May it be Fashion, Philosophy, NailArt, Multitude of emotions, you name it, I have thought about it. But you see, you cannot always eat away at your Man's head with all the thoughts, though mine listens to Neon-nail-polish to Fringes to I-hate-that-bitch to my PMS tantrums :P ^_^

You must have got the hang of me already, I talk a little too much, dont I? ;) Well expect such millions of posts here where I'll blabber about my life, his life, my neighbor's baby, the grumpy bus conductor, my awesome parents, hellish sister, My bro-my hero, friends, McD, flab, being fab, the kajal that smudges, the hair that's perfect,and so on and so forth! :)

Oh and I love playing Agony-Aunt. My friends call me their Official Psychiatrist :P So all you tweenies and teenies, mail me your agonies (That rhymes :P) I promise I''ll get back to you asap! :) All you ladies out there too :) Even if I aint of any help, who doesn't want a good listener?!

 I would love to hear from you guys :) After all, your opinions matter, a lot. Reach me at

Ohkay now........
Welcome me to the amazing World of Blogging 8) *Trumpets and bugles*



  1. Hi Sweetie... I finally had a look at your cute tiny awesome blog and read a few entries in between my work.. ;) It is very refreshing and I'm sure its very useful and handy for all the teens out there...All the best and Happy blogging :) (Created a profile to post this comment ;) )

  2. OMG Amita :* I love you so freaking much :) :) Thatz so freakin' sweet you created a profile to comment :O OMG :O Thank you thank you thank you a million times :) :) yeah, I hope it is useful a teeny bit at least :) Lot scope to improve though ;) Thanks again :* :* Means so bloody much to me :) Mmmwaaahh! :* <3 <3 <3


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