Sunday 18 May 2014

Book Review : Working Hard Is Not Good Enough

I would be lying if I say I wanted this book because I wanted a non-fiction, self help kind of book. I wanted it because of the title. I am the kind of girl that starts working on a paper at 8 PM when it is due submission at 9 AM the next morning. I mean, I would rather pull an all nighter the night before, than prepare a little for a few days everyday leading to the day of submission. I am not lazy, I just am on energy conservation mode most times. *That's my favorite e-card, by the way*

But then, there comes a time in life where you have to choose between being sweet and nice, docile and lazy, works-all-night-with-20%-concentration-and-gets-mediocre-results-with-which-she-isn't-very-happy girl and kicks-ass-a-lil-more,-planned,-willing-to-work,-focused-and-determined,--burns-midnight-CFL-bulbs-to-80%-productivity-and-nails-most-things girl. *C'mon,nobody burns midnight oil anymore!*

So when the folks at Think WhyNot group wanted to send this book over, I was more than willing to read it. 

Working Hard Is Not Good Enough is from TGC Prasad, the best selling author of Unusual People Do Things Differently. 

I started reading the books with no expectations. I knew it would have something nice for me to learn from, but that's about it. 

The language is what strikes from the page one. Its not a sermon, the author doesn't preach. Its like having a one-on-one talk and so, its that much easier to interesting.

There are various chapters divided perfectly --Common sense, unlearning, happiness, humility and more. 

The book is full of real world examples - from Winston Churchill to Oprah Winfrey, from Steven Covey to Magnus Carlsen, there are several successful people and the way they dealt with life and its challenges. When you can connect with some of them, you can understand your own pattern of work and idea of success. This is what made the book dear to me. 

The author has successfully put across the ways to attain success. And yes, happiness too.

So if you are a student, or belong to the corporate world, own your business or are a seeker of all things art, or just want to be supremely successful in what ever you want to pursue, go buy a copy for yourself, its worth it. Coming from a 21 year old  passionate worrier turning into an ambitious over thinker with various options of career to break head with in the near months, you better trust it. 

It retails at Rs.250/- and can be found easily on online shopping portals too. 

Happy reading! :) 

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PS: The book was sent by Think Why Not group, I didn't pay for it. My views are honest. You know it. 

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