Saturday 23 November 2013

My Experience At Lakme Salon

You see, having oily skin helps you handle life better. I'll tell you why.

1. It is not always smooth, but you know you can always do what is required and make it smooth. #Foundations

2. You never know when you'll face a bump. So you keep yourself armed with all the virtues and weapons. #TopicalTreatments #Toothpaste #Honey #Facepalm

3. When all is going well with nothing going wrong, you are happy not because something is going right, but because nothing is going wrong.

4. When your skin is being in a constant state - no bumps, no improvements, no deprovements, you are definitely wondering what's next. And you look forward to it -_-

5. When you feel its time to let go of the sluggish feel, you take a vacation. #Facials #Spas

So that is why, I ended up at the Lakme Salon at Cunnigham Road for a much needed skin treatment.

What happens these days is, I don't break out anymore. Now and then, once in a month at most, I get a lone pimple and if left undisturbed and unprovoked, (and treated with clindamycin) it goes away on its own. So, all I am left with are some pimple blemishes and dark circles that tell the world about my late night adventures *read studies and extra hours on the computer*. To deal with these, the skin specialist suggested me to opt for a basic cleanse and clean up, followed by a brightening mask. Since oily skin starts acting out on massaging, it was left off the facial routine.

This is how it went! :)

1. Lakme Salon Clean Up's face wash, scrub and pack were used in the order. Like I have mentioned before, this range has helped me handle the breakouts and pigmentation.

2. After a half an hour ritual of this, the pack was removed. A blast of steam for a few minutes followed by wiping it away, my skin was already starting to feel fresh.

3. The therapist then used a peel off mask for brightening effect. The pack is for the exclusive use in Lakme salons only and trust me when I say this, it feels so good on the skin. It is thick and gooey, and though it was put all over my face including the eyes, it didn't sting or irritate. It was on my face for over 15 minutes after what the therapist peeled it away and revealed happy skin to me :)

It was one of the decent services I have had in a while. My skin felt plump and supple, and there was absolute glow, right in time for Diwali ;) The tan was gone and the blemishes were lightened. The therapist suggested that I get it done twice a month to get rid of all the marks and get an even skin tone. I had to agree :)

Here is a picture of me from Instagram.

So overall, I loved the experience! Do give a try and let me know how you like it :)
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