Monday 12 August 2013

Heartbreak Warfare

It was 2 AM. Four unread messages on her phone, and two missed calls from two hours ago. She recognized the nameless contact. She had deleted it from her phone memory, her memory was yet to be formatted. As she opened the text, a surge of familiarity rushed to her from the all too known gibberish text. The alphabet reeked of alcohol.

She typed a reply, the most formal, robotic reply possible and hit send. She threw the phone away and tossed to the other side. Five minutes later, her phone announced the arrival of a new text message. Several sad emoticons. She was positive of the alphabet being tipsy drunk now. She didn't reply.

She started trying. To try and think about another guy. "That cutie you met last weekend?", her subconscious beamed. "Nah, too talkative!" she made a face. "Oh oh that senior with the real heart melting smile? He wanted to catch a movie with you know? He is definitely hot!", her subconscious winked. "Nah, I have known him for just three weeks" "Oh how about Joe? You should be giving him a call, its been so long! And we both know how much he is smitten!", she panicked. "Nah, I don't want to mess with his life. If people want to be a part of my life, they'll show it".

"Seriously?", her subconscious glared at her. Hands on her hips, lips twisted into a pout.

"Enough thinking for the day", she said meekly.

"Whatever. Just don't bother me with your ForeverAndEverAfter talks. And nonsense of eternity and emotions, intuitions and shit like that", she threw her a disgusted face.

She smiled.

As her thoughts drifted to the probably-passed-out-by-now text, her eyes drifted to the web at the corner of the balcony. It had rained that evening and her DSLR's beautiful eye had captured the rain drops. As the image came fleeting back to her, she couldn't help but find the ironical similarity between her life and the web.

Being caught in the mesh of feelings that she made for herself. Being jailed in the emotional mess, even after walking free. Having the ability to run away from the chaos for good, but still wanting the familiar, noisy chords. Pretending to be living free, while being caught in her heart made confusion.

Being the major victim of a heartbreak warfare. Waging a war against the silly emotions. Ssshing the voices in the head that confidently smiled at her. "You know you will", they always smiled.

Loving the web for the beauty of the drops. Because even when the drops are salty, the web loves them the same way.

So she smiled, remembering the sober alphabet.

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PS: Just another ball of thoughts that got triggered after looking at the image. Hope you like it :)

Image courtesy : Kishore K Ramesh Photography. Like the page guys, he is a fabulously talented. 


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