Tuesday 25 June 2013

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal - Swatches and Review

It was a beautiful Sunday evening. The Sun was beginning to set. The chill in the breeze was of perfection. She had slipped into her comfy pyjamas and a tee. She walked into the balcony. The wind in her hair made the evening better. One by one, the stars lit the sky. She stood there making patterns out of them, making wishes on some of them.  Lana Del Rey continue crooning in her ears. She smiled at the absurdity of life. A sense of freedom engulfed her. And right at the moment a damned insect fell right into her eyes. "Ooouuccchhh!", she screamed and vigorously rubbed her eyes. After two minutes it hit her that she isn't supposed to rub her eyes but keep calm and let the damned thing swim its way to the corner and DIE! 

"Okay, now the cleaning of the mess around my eyes will take atleast 127 minutes and this weekend will be gone. Damn you bug!", she cursed as she walked to her mirror.

The eyes staring back at her in the mirror amazed her.

Voila! Not a trace of smudge.

And that very moment she realized, The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal was her latest Holy Grail, and that she will love it forever and ever after. 

Le true story you guys! She = me ;) This is my love story ya know? If there is one thing I will take with me to a deserted island, it will essentially be a kohl ;) *Now don't ask me why I would ever go to a deserted island :P*

Well so you already know the review part, I shall till do an official one for you ;)

Cost: Rs.199/-

The packaging is pretty darn simple and typical - pull out the cap and twist the kajal up! The teal and black is such a stunner! ^_^ Me being a sucker for teal, this baby obviously makes me bag\cupboard look so pretty ^_^

The kajal glides easily on the waterline - no tugging. It is gentle on my eyes - I didn't experience any itching or burning. I sometimes pull out the kajal line a little beyond my waterline  and curve it up, you know, for some added drama or if I have had a sleepless night -_- It still stays put and there is no smudging. #Winner

This, after a lot of vigorous rubbing. *Ouuch!!*

Lakme claims a 10 hour stay, and this baby easily stays on me for at least 8 hours, by the end of which is fades a little but there is definitely a lot of color still left.

It IS waterproof. I don't use a makeup remover on daily basis *obviously :P I don't use makeup for every day* so removing this is quite a pain. It doesn't budge with water, doesn't smudge too. It stays there in all its glory like a boss. I dab on makeup remover or if too lazy, some olive oil to get it off my eyes. For the no re-application, no-smudge it earns so many points, I don't mind an extra effort to remove it. Oh and a lil goes a long way, you don't have to re-touch :)

Here is a picture of me wearing it, and this is after 9 hours:


  • Doesn't budge, doesn't smudge - no matter what you do with your eyes
  • Fabulous staying power
  • Doesn't irritate eyes
  • Didn't cause any redness
  • Travel friendly
  • Lasts long 'cuz a couple of swipes is enough for the whole day

I can't think of any, really.

Will I repurchase?
Ofcourse yes, this is my HG now ^_^

5/5 You go girl kohl!

Have you guys used it? Loved it? Nope? Shoot a comment ;) Or two may be!
And btw, new post up on SIncerely, Street Sassy :)

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