Saturday 18 May 2013

Pacific Again

*Some of you mailed me saying you loved the Pacific, so I thought I will pen down type down the next part :)Sweetheart, if you reading this, you'll know it's for you, do know it's for you :) *

It was raining when she reached her apartment. She banged her head as she got out of her cab. "Ouch!", she rubbed her poor head. As she took her luggage out, she got drenched, thoroughly drenched. She didn't complain though, for "Rain is always a welcome relief", she smiled.

As she walked up the stairs, suitcase in one hand, bag in another with an ipod blaring music in her ears, she felt a weird sense of newness, right on the foundation of the old.
She fished for the keys and stepped in. "My new apartment", she sighed.

It was brand new and so big. She had no clue what was in where. The walls were pale white, and the sting of the newly painted rooms suffocated her. She had never been alone in all her life. She put her bag down and walked through the corridor. It felt strange, to be by herself for the first time in her life. "Oh I forgot to lock the front door", she smacked her forehead, "I don't want any strangers walking in already", she smiled.

She took the bag labelled 'Toiletries' from the large suitcase and her bath robe.

She walked to the wash room and checked her reflection in the mirror. The gorgeous mess of thick wavy, damp hair framed her face. The mascara had bled a little, and the kohl, a little smudged. Her eyes looked bright, and a little sullen. Her collar bone was sticking out, a blue strap that went past the sticking collar bone, and the skin that stretched across it. She sensed a strong feeling of life, for the first time after so long.

She undid her dress in one swift move and let the warm water from the shower engulf her. As streams of water went down her body, she felt the tire and the sluggish feel leave her. The last drops of water trickled down from the nape of her neck to her back, and she smiled. "Boy, am I ticklish!"

She got back to her living room and checked the time. "That was an hour well spent".

It had stopped raining.

"Is it a lil gloomy in here, or is it just me wanting my old apartment back?"

As she got up to walk to the bedroom, she noticed the window.

And at the moment, that very moment, she knew, all she had to do to get her sunshine back was to open the window. She knew there would be inquisite neighbors, she knew people would want to know her. She knew she would make new friends, and also lose some of them. She knew she wouldn't get her old neighbors back, and now she thought, "Do I really miss them at all?"

She also knew, in the end, all that mattered to her was the sunshine :)

*This picture is my click, no edits except for a Vignette. And of course, the inspiration behind this*

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