Tuesday 30 April 2013

Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body Wash - Crushed Coconut and Jojoba Butter Extracts Review

You know the typical South Indian breakfast? Idli with chutney? I have a love hate relationship with that. See, I love it because its yumm, my mom prepares the softest idlis. And I hate because the coconut can sometimes make the chutney weird. I am particular about its color. If its brownish or whitish, I don't touch it :o

Coconuts are weird.

But this baby isn't. Okay, so when I sat down to type down a review on this, all I could think was how toffee-like I smell when I take a shower. But how long can you go on and on and on about it? :P So, I brought in the chutney concept. #SouthIndianBonds

Cost: Rs.125 for 125 ml. Easily available every where ^_^

So when I saw this humble plastic squeeze-out-flip-open bottle, it was love at first sight. Okay no, when I took the first wiff, it was love at first sight. The body wash is thick and creamy, I ate almost ate it. It is thick enough to make luxury happen, and thin enough to run out of the bottle. It smells like coconut toffee. REALLY. Its calming and relaxing and the scrubbing action is great too. The beads are rough enough to give smooth skin and mild enough not to irritate. I wouldn't recommend it for face though, its pretty harsh a scrub for facial skin.

See? Creamy it is!

Lets list the pros and cons?

  • It smells oh-so-great. If you like smelling yumm, go for this. If not, then don't. 
  • It scrubs well. Rough enough to get rid of grim, mild enough not to tear you down. *Gory, I know*
  • Its rich and creamy and yummy.
  • Economical. 125 ml for Rs.125 will last atleast a month.
  • Easy to use, travel friendly packing.


  • Doesn't lather without loofah. You'll need one to work out a rich lather.
  • As the bottle goes empty, its tough to get the wash out 'cuz its thick.
  • If you don't like smelling like toffee, you won't like it.

*Okay, that is a lot of toffee talk for one post*

Do I recommend this?

Oh yea! If you want to smell okay. If you want a decent body wash that is nice and rich and creamy and scrubb-y, you go girl! And yes, it is man tested. There is this friend that has a very, very sensitive nose that went, "Ooh you have toffees with you?" and I told, "No, I am the toffee"..and winked...and he passed some comment which I'll censor for you guys ;) *God bless the guys that don't judge me for all the pervert in me :P*

How you doin? *Read in Joey's voice*

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  1. i want this since like forever! but keep waiting for other stuff to get over! ur review has tempted me so much, im pakka getting it now :P

  2. lovely take on this product. looks like a lot of us are going to like this :)

  3. I loveee soft Idlis so I can totally relate when the chutney isn't up to par :D
    I got this shower gel day before and I absolutely love the scent!! It exfoliates really well too :)

  4. I LOVE this body wash! I always recommend it to every one I know ;) It's my very favourite!


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