Friday 3 February 2012

Sour Grapes = Sweet Skin - TOD!

Hello My Chikni Chamelis :D *No offence to anyone :o One of my friends got annoyed when another one playfully called her so :o Kids these days! >.< I would happily take it as a compliment when got from right people! Stay away lame guys that want to do 'fraaaandship' with me :-| Err that was too much of a talk for an introduction :D*

I didn't start this post with the 'Home Remedies' story, because this is not exactly a remedy for anything :P Its for those days when your skin is being a super obedient kid, is not getting angry with boils or slitting itself into scars >.< Its for when you want some pampering, and also go organic :)

Before I start blabberring about how, why, what and when, let me bore you with the history :D My mom is a shopoholic, of fruits and vegetables! You show her anything grown, she will want it stocked in her big fat refridgerator! And when the flora is coupled with awesome bargain, she floats 3 feet above ground level *Sigh*
 Thus came home one huge carton of black grapes! And guess that? Awfully sour ones :D LOL! The ones that make you cringe and believe your brain just got fired everytime you eat them :P Thanks to her begging me and dad to drink the juice loaded with 1,67,546 calories due to all the sugar put in to make it 'sweet', she was left with 1/4th the box filled :D And there I entered the scene, being the very lovable and understanding daughter that I am 8) *Trumpets and Bugles* 

So what to do with those yucky but cute fruits? Squish them! Squash them! Beat them and kill them! Anarchy! *I sound like an ancient war movie know? :P*
Back to speaking sensibly, I made a neat paste of the poor fruits, maintaining a rather thick consistency. The paste = an amazing scrub for face as well as body! 
Black grapes are like super rich in antioxidants, which help in skin repair and protection :) The seeds in the grapes give a grittiness that makes an excellent exfoliant. And this gives your skin a lovely glow taking away the dead cells and repairing the sad ones :P Be tender while scrubbing the facial skin though. Its much more delicate than you think it is :o

The smoothness achieved with this magic potion is wonderful..! I can say smoothness can almost be translated to slippery skin! No no, not the yucky oily grim, but the skin that babies slide off and your man cannot resist pecking into ;) *PS:  I am not responsible for babies dropped to floor or too  much of an attention from him :o :P*

And this is how I ended up being the lovelier daughter, with a happier skin :D
BTW, the grapes might make you smell mild grape-y or fruity :P I personally like the smell. If you don't , there is always your favorite body wash ;) 

So Chamelis, tell me how you liked it :P *The Cavemen out there, Chikni Chameli is the hottest song from Agneepath! Though there are mixed reviews about the Barbie-ish Katrina pulling a bombshell, I love the song, thanks to Shreya Goshal! <3*

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Google-d. I was too busy sipping my juice to take pictures of the grape massacre* :P



  1. OMG!!! Why would anybody get annoyed?? Specially if it's just from a friend?? Chikni Chameli is in fact the hottest item song ever!! Shreya Ghoshal does wonders?? Remember Ooh-La-La from The Dirty Picture? Though i do not like the song that much but it's fun!! :P And Chikni Chameli has got some awesome beats! I am a Maharashtrian and so are the music composers.. They actually took the music from one of their most popular Marathi compositions!! ;)
    Grapes --- I love! :)


  2. LOL! :D Some kids are very serious :P Its just that they get annoyed super fast :P And me love annoying such people ;)
    Ahh ya! One of my Mumbaikar friends told me so too :P He goes like, "Did you understand the song completely? :P"
    Grapes = Awesome!
    Namita <3


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