Monday 30 January 2012

Clean and Clear Review

Hello my Daisies! :)

This evening after I came back home from college, I was thinking about a topic to blog on. For you see, we don't get new phones everyday :P ;) And as I reached for my face wash, I heard it telling to my Deo, "This lady needs me every evening. Without me, her evenings don't exist. I am there for her after her day through the pollution of Metro and 26.8 layers of disgusting dirt on her face, and yet she doesn't know what to blog about. The world these days, has no gratitude :-| *Sigh* " I was totally taken aback :o *No, I wasn't hallucinating :o* 

So thus I am sitting here and reviewing the Clean and Clear Face Wash :o *The bottle is in front of me, glaring into my eyes* "OK Ssshhh, I am typing about you now :) Happy?" *Oh he just smiled :* :D*

Product : Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash
Brand: Johnson & Johnson *Aaww those super cute babies are so adorable! :**
Cost: Rs.40/- for 50 ml :) A tiny bottle of 20 ml is available for Rs.15/- 
Directions for use : Wet face. Work Facial wash into lather and gently massage onto face.Rinse well.For best results, use as often as required along with 100% oil free Clean & Clear skin balancing moisturizer.

Its a colorless liquid with quite a thick consistency. It looks mild orangish-gold because of the bottle's color. Its got a super sweet, citrusy smell that refreshes you with just a wiff of it 8) How I love the smell! Very summery and wintery and springy and rainy :D  The flip open cap is secure and tight, and might harm your nails if you are not careful :P But hey! That makes it travel friendly :) No leakages 8) Also, just one drop comes out with every squeeze. Smart 8)

This awesome product claims that :
The mild Oil Free Formula works in two ways to give you CLEAN & CLEAR skin :
1.Removes oil, dirt and other impurities.
2.Has a special ingredient which helps prevent pimples leaving your skin refreshed and clear without over drying.

Clean & Clear is my first face wash ^_^ And my favorite :) Its my skin's best friend when it comes to tender cleansing :) After I reach home travelling through the dust, pollution and grim of my city, nothing else can give the fresh and cleansed feeling like this baby :)

Just 2-3 drops is sufficeint for a super awesome clean feel. I squeeze out 3 drops, add few drops of water, and lather. Boy oh boy, how rich is the lather. Then, I slather it and rinse off after a mild massage :) The remains of kajal and sunscreen + Oriflame Cream is perfectly removed. There is no strechy feel either :) It keeps the skin oil free for 3 hours, and that is pretty decent..!! I am left with a neat, happy skin :D
Some of you might not like the lather, but I personally love it. The products that don't lather, make me feel NOT so clean :P Its individual choice :) Other than that, this is a sexy product! And the 50 ml bottle lasts me for almost 45 days. VERY economical 8) Makes me a happy girl :D

So is it a Fairytale or a Tragedy? --- Its a beatiful Fairytale, worth every penny! :) 

You guys used anytime? Like it? Hated it? Let me know! <3

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  2. Hello! was browsing through your blog..luurvve the new look..lucky you have a engineer bf.
    I used to Clean and Clear all the time. I think it's great for the skin..not harsh!

  3. I am definitely going to buy this one! i only use Lakme facewash! But well, there always room for something new!! ;) Wonderful review!!
    The thing i like the most about your reviews is the Fairytale or Tragedy part!! :D love it, love you blog and love you too!! :)


  4. ciao,

    nice blog !

    come for a visit and if you like sign as follower ..I'll do back


  5. @Sayantani Saha: Aaaww my inspiration to blog is here :) Thanks so much sweetie :)
    Yeah, my bf is my saviour, everywhere :P :)
    Clean and Clear is my all time fav :) Glad you like it too :)

    @Butterfly: Trust me hon go for it! Its one amazing product and suits any type of skin :)
    Haha thanks much :) ^_^ I love you too :) ♥

    @The white cabbage: Thanks a lot! Sure I'll visit around :)

  6. I ordered it just yesterday! It'll arrive tomorrow or day after tomorrow! :) Thank you for reviewing the product!


  7. Yayeee awesome! :) Use and lemme know how you liked it ^_^
    Anytime girl :)
    Namita <3


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