Thursday 23 April 2015

The Fine Print Against Crumpled Paper

Find a girl who writes. No, not your average girl that searches for 'witty quotes' or 'romantic quotes' and posts status updates.  Find a girl who sits by the window sill on a rainy afternoon and writes with the pieces of her soul. When a drop of rain falls on her laptop's screen and blurs one tiny spot, she will fill that void with your name. 

Date a girl that builds a castle with her words. See her flush when you utter 'I love you' for the first time, every time. Notice the chill down her spine, the color on her cheeks. Remember the spark in her eyes laced with a faint fear of losing you. Because when she goes home that night and writes, every word will smell like you do. 

When you are having a conversation and she takes a minute or two to randomly type into her phone, let her. I promise, she just scribbled down words that perfectly described your latest action. Or, she just noted down the fact that the warmth of your palm makes her glow. 

When she asks you to read a couple of lines, stop everything you are doing and read them. Or better yet, ask her to read them for you. Between the lines, you'll find the love she has for you.

Do not try to contain her in your imagination. A girl who writes will never be what you expect of her, for she is a million people every other day. She's satire on one day, humor the other. She's the sad poetry of a suffering soul, she is the rage of the abused. She will shower you with her tenderness one day and drown you in her neglect if circumstances demand. Her words will flood through the gates of your assumption and catch you off guard in her reality. 

Hope for the privilege of being loved by a girl who writes, once in your lifetime. For if you are lucky enough, she will make love to you in prose. 

Ask her for her favorite quotes. Do not ask her for her favorite authors, ask her for the favorite passages. When she lets you peak into her phone, scroll to those million screenshots of words fine printed against crumpled paper.  Those are the mirrors to her deepest thoughts, the vibrations that resonate. You are the words imprinted on her soul.

When she writes your name in ink, cherish the curve of the alphabet. Nobody will ever write your name the way she does. Reserve a spot in your memory to remember the way your name rolls off her tongue. A girl who writes will pronounce your name in a way you've never heard before and never will again. Wait for the flavor of husk in her voice when she says your name followed by nothingness. The smile on her lips when she says your name followed by nothingness? That is her loving you. 

Court a girl who paints with her words. When you break her heart, the drops of her tear will smudge your name written in ink. In the blurry haze of ink and salt, apologize to her. Kiss her misty eyes and wipe those tears away. In the dry remnants of tears on her cheeks, search for your name. You'll find it, I promise. It still stays, blotched even. So hold her in your arms and etch your name again. She will use a darker shade of ink, some names aren't worth tearing the page away and she knows. 

Exchange hearts with a girl who writes. Let her prose comfort you through your lonely nights. Loving a girl who writes is like hugging poetry to sleep each night, every night. Fall in love with her punctuation, smile through her grammatical errors. Know that the disagreements you have with her are like commas, don't make them periods. Thank your stars for letting you be the chapters in the novel of her life, she will thank her stars for having someone worthy enough for her to literally pen her heart down. 

For when everything is said and done, she will immortalize you in her words. Your memories will stay safe in the pages of her heart, even if they are burnt in the corners. Let the flame of her heart consume you, let her love you one word at a time. 

Love a girl who writes and when she loves you back, I promise, you'll be the most magnificent love the world will ever witness. Because a girl who writes is never at a loss of words. If you are the reason she is speechless for all good reasons, you boy, you will be her most favorite love poetry. 

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  1. what a beautiful post... love the last lines... :-)


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