Friday 10 April 2015

The Coast.

It was a windy night. The breeze was just faint salty sea sand. Little lanterns dotted the curve of the beach, oblivious to their own beauty. The moon shone high, illuminating the velvety sky. Stars twinkled every time two souls shared a kiss. 

They were on the farthest corner, on the tough rocks that took the pounding waves day after day, year after year. He sat two steps beneath her, for how else will he look into her eyes, boring into her soul? Their fingers entwined, they sat there, dangerously ignorant of the pounding waves and salty breeze. Her untamed hair was ecstatic, nothing is better than being let free. Her skin was on fire, but. Every time his thumb ran over the back of her palm, her skin caught fire. 

He was staring into the imperceptible horizon, fingers grazing her soul. Now and then, he looked up at her bare face. Sans makeup, she was squirming. Its not easy to bare it all to someone who was a perfect stranger a few week ago now, is it? But chemistry knows no bounds, connections don't believe in the span of time you've known someone for. They believe in the moments you have shared with someone. So she sat, sans makeup. Sans masks. Sans pretense. So she sat, just her. 

As the night got longer and the winds got colder, they walked to the warmer sands. She trembled every time a gush of wind hit her, and he held her closer, without fail. And every time without fail, he thawed the cold that engulfed her heart. 

A million thoughts lined her mind like the little lanterns. Only, every time he kissed her lips, the doubtful lanterns burnt away. It puzzled her endlessly, a man like him loving a paradox like her. It puzzled her more, that she had found love again at all. After endless hours of painful courses on how love is an illusion, it bewildered her, to have found the guts in her to love someone. The more she tried to deny the capability in her to love someone, the more he proved her wrong. He was patient, he was composed. He felt the tumultuous emotions raging through her. Like how the shore understands the anxiety and panic of the gushing waves, he understood her. And just the way the shore pacifies and quietens the gushing waves, he soothed her. It was such a beautiful irony, how his touch scorched her and also, tranquilized her. A part of her wanted to stay in his arms forever, the other wanted to bolt, overwhelmed. But she stayed there, pushing herself more and more into his open arms. When the ice melts away, naked vulnerability needs shelter. 

Little stars twinkled in the sky that night, and she knew it by then. After spending million moments with him, she knew. This someone was the one. And that, she had let this human break through her. Unwillingly, yet with no control whatsoever. He had hit her like tsunami and taken all of her barricades away. Like a force of nature, he had broken her boundaries. The heart that she had taken off her sleeve and locked away inside her stony chest? He had reached there. 

The stars are such culprits, really. They triggered the pulses of tender in her. Tiny tears trickled down her cheeks that very split moment she realized she was in love, all over again. Was it the thawed ice? She didn't know. His concerned fingers wiped the tears away, anxiety taking over his perfect face.  Without her consent, her fingers made way to the back of his neck. Pulling him with the only intention of quenching the thirst of years, she kissed him. Up above the sky, stars brimmed. A jolt of life hit the surface of water, running deep down the sea. Their lips touched, exploring each other.  The familiarity of running fingers through the old, favorite road map? Like knowing each and every nook and corner on the way back home? Such was the perfection in the sinking of those lips. Like the first drop of rain after an unforgiving summer? That was him, her petrichor. 

And when she fell asleep in his arms that night, she was a woman in love. The coastal sparkles had won, after all. 

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